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I have a strange question. I have a child with my

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I have a strange question.
I have a child with my ex Lian who is 18 months old. She has written to CSA and put in place regular child maintenance payments.
For the CSA to work out those payments I disclosed to the CSA that I had a previous child who is 17 which ment that my recent ex,s money went down.
The CSA disclosed the fact that I had a second child to Lian who has written to a solicitor asking for all the details of the second child.
The solicitor has quoted article 8 of the Human Rights Act saying that my 18 month old has an entitlement to known who is brother or sister is.
Want legal rights do I have not to disclose this information to her.
You are not under any legal obligation to provide any such information to her if you decide that you do not want to. Whilst it can be argued that it is beneficial to the half siblings to have such a relationship - they can not force you to provide such information. The reason is that there are balancing rights - to a private life also under Art 8. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive.
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