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My Mom passed leaving a Will and a Solictor as Executors, there

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My Mom passed leaving a Will and a Solictor as Executors, there are only two children alive of my parents. My sister has taken and sold all contents of the house and instructed a cash sale of my moms property behind my back, I believe she's withdrawn cash from my moms accounts, even thou mom left insurance to cover funeral. she has now taken a cash offer for £75k for the house, she had it valued by a estate agent at £85k, I was not made aware of this and have now found out, we had agreed sale not to happen till after new year, I was shocked. I have now gained my own valuataions from other estate agents in the area whom valued at £90k. I have tried to speak with Executor at soilctor's and he advised me my sister was his client, However she has stolen all paperwork and did this behind my back, shouldn't we both be the clients. Shouldn't the executors be looking at market value and speaking to us both. I have request a meeting and formally sent a email with my signature asking for the sale of property to be put on hold. The estate agents are continuing with sale and have put a sold sign up, even thou I have advised them I do not agree with sale. The only people named in will are myself, My two sisters ( sadly one has passed) and my two oldest children whom both do not agree with the sale. Could you please advise where I stand. I have given Executors new valuations from Estate agents. Many Thanks ***** *****
The executor has to work in the best interest of all of the beneficiaries and should not really be referring to your sister as his client in any event. He acts for the estate. He also needs to be ensuring that he gets the best for the estate and that is the case with respect to selling the property. It is not for your sister to be for want of a better phrase calling the tune. I would be minded to formally write a letter of complaint to the executor in the terms that you have set out above and suggest that there be clear the air meeting - which your sister could also be invited to - this form of in reality a mediation may be the best way forward. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello ThomasI believed we was having a meeting on Thursday, However the Estate Agents are pushing forward with the sale and will not listen to my request. Can they do this. Thanks
It is not for the estate agent to push ahead (save for their fee) but it is the executor who can sanction the sale - no one else. Please rate positive
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