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Thomas Judge
Thomas Judge, Family Lawyer
Category: Family Law
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Please could you advise as to whether the mother

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Please could you advise as to whether the mother of our 7 year old daughter is obliged to provide details of flights, accommodation, emergency contact number, while taking our daughter abroad?
I agreed to vary our daughters child arrangements Order in March this year to facilitate a trip to euro Disney Land, Mother agreed to provide details, however these are still not forthcoming and the trip is scheduled to happen on Friday.
Both Mum and me share PR. There is a child arrangements Order in place setting out living arrangements for our daughter and specifically she lives with me 5 nights per fortnight during term time, and half school holidays. There is also a family assistance order in place for 9 months.
Last year Mother was not transparent in her intentions to relocate from Northern England to South Wales. Cafcass recommendations were that relocation should not happen, in an effort to end the distress, I agreed to relocation upon submitting a proposal which was accepted.
Evidence has been submitted to Court showing mother has enquired about working in Australia during our daughters earlier years.
I have agreed for our daughter to travel to Disney Land, I feel it is responsible for mother and father to share important info about arrangements that have been made when our daughter is taken out of the uk. Is there sufficient grounds to halt the trip until itinerary information is provided and Is my only option, to apply to the Court for a PSO?
I have informed CAFCASS cymru who are involved in the family assistance order.
If it was made part of the court order then the mother would be obligated to provide such information.However if it not part of an order and if it is only a short break and you have given your permission then she would not be obligated to provide such information under normal circumstances. Happy to discuss. Please rate
Thomas Judge, Family Lawyer
Category: Family Law
Satisfied Customers: 33540
Experience: Over twenty-five years experience
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HiIn fact giving you these details is only polite - and is the minimum that a court will expect if the child is being taken out of the countryBooked online or otherwise clearly she doe shave the flight details, and knows where they will be staying making her explanation specious.The real problem is what you do about it since I am sure you do not wish to make an emergency applictaion - nor to disrupt the tripInstead politely inform your ex that her failure to provide details makes it unlikely that either you, or the court will agree to any further trips!Clare