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We are grandparents of two children. Our son and his ex gf

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We are grandparents of two children. Our son and his ex gf constantly argue and not good for each other. He works long hours as an hgv driver whilst she claims everything from the state. He pays more maintenance to her than the guidelines.
They have now seperated again and he lives with us. We are both in our late 50s.
His ex gf says we must have the children every weekend. I dont believe we should as we need to have a life too. I work long hours whilst my wife looks after our daughters child in the week whilst our daughter works to make ends meet.
His ex gf is threatening to take him and us to court.
Surely we are entitled to our lives too. Its our house too
Thats pretty straightforward. Firstly you as grandparents are under no obligation to look after your grandchildren. She can not take you to court over this issue. As to your son and his contact that is a different matter - they should have mediation to resolve the issue of contact and if not then there is no harm in going to court to obtain a child arrangement order which would set out the rules for contact. She can not force him to have contact but I am sure he would want to agree a specific arrangement - there are some very good books on the subject on amazon - how to represent yourself in the family court - which would make things a lot easier to understand. Please rate positive
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