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My grandson is likely to taken by his mother to live in a hostel

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My grandson is likely to taken by his mother to live in a hostel in Buckinghamshire to be temporarily 'homeless' to enable the council to house her and her other two young children! This is an unknown period of time in totally unsuitable accommodation and no place at a nearby school. Our grandson is 8 years old and very settled and happy in his current school as is his sister who is 5! ( not our granddaughter! But she looks upon us as her Grandparents! My question is can my son who is our grandsons Father obtain a restraining order to prevent his Mother taking his son away from him his grandparents and Nanny aunts friends school,etc!
Hi, thanks for your question.
Just a few further details required - what are the current and past arrangements for the child to see and live with the father?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The current situation is that my Grandson lives with his Mother, half sister and half brother, both younger! He stays with his Father occasionally and often with us and his other Grandmother! We have had Charlie staying with us for a week or more at a time, since the age of 20 months when his Mother was ill and needed our help! They all currently live in a house provided by my husband in a happy and stable environment and are happy and settled at the local school which is within walking distance from their house! Her mother and my son are all local to his mother and her sister also! My son, with help from both families, would be totally committed to look after our grandson! There is no rhyme or reason for this sudden desire to move her children away! Yours sincerely Paula
Dear *****a, thanks for the further information.
Assuming the father has parental responsibility - either by being married to the mother when the child was born or if they were not married and he is named on the birth certificate, the mother would have to obtain his consent to move to Buckinghamshire with their child. If matters cannot be agreed between them then it would be for the court to decide - the father can submit a prohibited steps order application preventing the move. The court will look at all the facts of the case and what is in the child's best interests.
In the first instance I would suggest that they both attend mediation go attempt to settle matters amicably -
Harris and other Family Law Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Paula,

Hope this information was of assistance. Have you managed to progress matters? Please let me know if you have any further queries.


HH Solicitor