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I have recently sold a property which I owned solely before

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I have recently sold a property which I owned solely before marrying my husband and have kept the proceeds in a sole account. I would like to find out the position regarding the assets of the property owned by me, should we pool our finances to buy another property. In other words, what are the implications of transferring the funds to a joint account now, should we separate at some time in the future (no plans to at the moment!) is any sole claim on that lost and becomes joint assets? Thank you
The key point here is that you are now married and as such in any future matrimonial disputes (it is of course hoped that none will occur) then the starting point of the court will be to look at your joint assets and basically put them into a pot and start on the premise of 50-50. Both of you can argue that you should have a greater share - but that is the starting point. I hope that this answers your question - please rate positive
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
So when jointly purchasing a new property we will have 50:50 ownership even though I will invest 80% ++? Is that what I agreed to when we married??