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There, Im Monika from Doncaster. Would like to divorce

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Hello there, Im Monika from Doncaster. Would like to divorce -as my husband living with another woman since last december. I have 2 children. 6 and 9years old. My husband is visiting them once a month.... and did not see them for 3 months this summer. Im completly alone without family or friends here. Originally from hungary. Bought a house here 8years ago. Can not take my kids away because they can speak english only. Our house worth ~ £155.000. Still £70.000 mortgage is on it. I cant find a good job as if kids are having school holiday -they dont have anybody to look after them, only me. Right now my husband is paying our bills, food and fuel. It is about 1000 ~1200 /months. He worked overseas in the last more than 5years for £ 5-7000/monthly salary. Now he is working less and through an agency in London. So he wants to show the Court -he has no money and he wish to pay the minimum child maintenance. He said -after our divorce he is going back for a normal higher salary -and he loughed ... and he will pay the minimum for us. But from 8000/months we can not live. He is living with a girlfriend together and their income is around £8.000 a month. What can I do to makehim to pay in the future the same amount for us (£1.200) ?
as he can pay that easily...and they can still save money and go for at least 2 luxurious holiday per year ........
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry I just see it now I made a mistake . £wanted to write - we can live from £ 700 -800 child maintenance / month
Hi, thank you for your question. I am a qualified family solicitor.
Your husband will need to confirm the reasons why his income has dropped so drastically. Through your negotiations you could outline his precious income and earning capacity and provide details of job opportunities which are appropriate.
In relation to the child maintenance this will be dealt with through Child Maintenance Options and the court will look at the wider assets and possible spousal maintenance provision.
Once you have issued divorce proceedings I would suggest that you enter into mediation go attempt to reach an amicable agreement regarding the finances. You can find a local mediator here:
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