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The pattern of contact is 2hr and 4hr alternating

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The pattern of contact is 2hr and 4hr alternating fornightly. I agreed under duress to increase only one contact to 4hrs on agreement that it take place in the community and not fathers home which has since been reversed by father to 4hr at his home with
s/services backing and 2hr in community or contact centre. None of my family like my sons father and would not agree to supervise. His fathers family have disowned him and keep no contact. My son loves his father but his issues are only made more problematic
as father has same diagnosis.
Welcome to Just Answer
I am a Solicitor and will assist you.
Please may I ask:
- how old is your son?
- what are the issues with the father?
- what is your sons diagnosis?
- is there any court orders in place?
- is your question that the father is asking for more time but you don't agree? Please confirm
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
where is my original question which gave all the details and information needed ?
I'm not sure I'm sorry - all I can see is the message sent last.
I am happy to assist you if you could provide me with the additional information.
Please could you also give me further information in respect of the level of information with social services.
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My son has been having court ordered supervised contact requested by s/services since 2003. His father was convicted of sex offences in 2005 + 2009. In 2014 his father applied to have unsupervised contact, but after applying he was accused of another sex offence. I was unrepresented at this hearing, his father applied before the law changed so had legal aid.The judges decision was to not allow unsupervised contact and stated he felt no other judge would allow it. I unfortunately neglected to request the judge state that s/services supervise contact so have since been pestered by s/services to find someone else to supervise contact. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers + ADHD in 2007 and mild Tourettes and ODD in 2010. His father was under the Mental Health Team until he received a diagnosis of ASD(Autistism Spectrum Disorder) and was then acquitted of the last sexual offence in 2014. I have just been told by s/services the order ends next year after my sons 16th birthday. Although my son loves his father he is immature and vulnerable for his age, due to his diagnoses. His problems are further compounded by his fathers issues and i dread him also getting involved with criminal activities due to inappropriate behaviour. I have read supervised contact can be extended in exceptional circumstances ? But what after that ? My son is in no way able to judge what is an appropriate way to behave and today i received an email from his special school for children with Aspergers that he was accessing inappropriate material on his school PC.
Thank you for all this additional information.
Are social services still supervising now?
How many times has the contact taken place at dads? Do you agree with this?
Kind Regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
S/services have been constant with their supervision since 2003 but now pester to get our own supervisor (i am sure due to funding cutbacks) and i repeatedly tell them there is no one. They continue to allow their supervisor to leave them alone when supervisor goes to the toilet.Supervisor says she can hear their conversations through wall at both locations, which i do not believe.A short while ago my son told dad when supervisor went to toilet he felt depressed.I found out from son 5 weeks later after behaviour had become extreme at home and school, as nothing was recorded in contact notes ! Dad told son he probably was depressed like his dad was at that age but never told supervisor what son said. I got urgent app and specialist changed sons meds which are known to cause suicidal thoughts. Contact notes have been requested to be sent monthly but continue to be sent every 3 months , meaning problems in contact cannot be picked up by me until too late ! Re contact at dads home -The agreement i made with s/services and dad, i would agree to increase alternate contacts to 4hrs and for those ones to be at dads flat but only so long as dad did activities with son not stay in dads flat whole time on pc/tv. S/services agreed to fund activities at dad's request but after last court order the judge unfortunately made 4hr alternate contacts part of the court order, directly afterwards s/services stopped funding the activities. Now no activities happen and they spend the 4hrs watching tv at dad's flat, which impacts sons behaviour and which is exactly what i feared would happen. Dad unable to manage money, continues to have numerous debts,been unable to keep a job and has never paid maintenance.Most concerning is he has never acknowledged guilt in any of his convictions despite various rehab courses.Has distorted sense of right and wrong and stated in contact notes is proud of son for being sneaky ! Continues to date impressionable women whom he introduces to son. I want son to see dad but would rather it was less due to influence he has on sons already problematic behaviours which father sees as normal due to his own diagnosis.Father was diagnosed with schizophrenia/personality disorder before ASD diagnosis. Father will only share diagnoses after agreement to inform s/services.
Thank you for your response.
Please accept my apologies for being unavailable yesterday evening.
Everything in your message is very worrying and I understand why you are concerned.
In respect of making a further application to the court - you can do this. As you son has special needs - then a family court are able to make decisions for him up til his 18th birthday. You would need to apply to your local family court on Form C100. Court fee is £215 - although you may be eligible for a fee remission dependant on your circumstances - see form EX160. You should detail on the C100 from:
1) the concerns about dad
2) attach the previous order
3) explain the position of social services
4) detail on the form that your son has special needs and that you seek an order post 16
You would have to refer this to mediation first. This is a technicality - as all children act matters now have to be referred to mediation before making an application to the court. There are lots of mediation services and there will be one local to you. It is highly likely given the background that you have described that the mediator will consider that your case is not suitable for mediation and should be heard at court - they will then sign the application for you that you need to go to court.
Please do not hesitate to ask if I can clarify anything for you.
Kind Regards
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