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ukfamilysolicitor, Family Solicitor
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A legal injustice happened to me in Austria. I wanted to

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A legal injustice happened to me in Austria. I wanted to divorce because of a long term violent marriage. But because we had a disabled child my exhusband never let me work. And he claimed all the benefits for me and for the children. However he never
shared any finances with me which means I was 100% dependant and slaved. I applied (through the social department of my university) for many woman refugee places, but the only one which accepted me did not accepted my mum. As my disabled child needed 24h care
I could not accept that as I needed 2 persons to look after my son (me and my mum). When I received a student flat from student organization of Evangelical church I left the husband with children. The judge (the only free legal adviser I could turn to who
completely misadvised me (to quit my part time job to get woman allowance from ex), informed my husband about my divorce attention and did not provided me legal aid even I applied for it) made a court decision (in 2 weeks after leaving) that the children has
to go back to the father if not the police will collect them as he classified the student flat as not legal accommodation. Just a month later the judge pressurized me to sign the divorce petition of my husband (telling if I do not sign he will make a court
order that I will not be able to see my children again) where it was written down that the ex gets everything I get nothing. (Here I had to sign that the children remain with the father and the house was built in the marriage as well (recent value approximately
800,000 Euro). I tried to fight for 2 years in court to get back my children...I provided medical evidence that the health of my disabled child is decreasing, that the ex is careless (having nits in childrens' hair for 3 months period) and witnesses of domestic
violence during the marriage. Outcome: my parental rights were withdrawn. Thereafter the ex never let me see my children again. When I told in a Council that legal corruption is happened to me the judge took me to court for it. If I could not proof the legal
corruption I would go to prison. How can I prove that? At the divorce there were only 3 persons present: the judge (he will not confess), the ex (he is the stakeholder - he got everything) and me. I had to leave the country to avoid prison innocently. Now
is 10 years gone. I would like to bring my case to European court and claim against the State of Austria because of legal corruption and (if possible as EEA national get asylum in the UK) How do I do roll up my case? Are there any legal charity organizations
or any pro bono lawyers available? As my Austrian university qualification is not recognized in the UK therefor I had to take low level manual jobs in the UK even I have been working as Engineer in Austria after divorce.
Welcome to Just Answer
I am a Solicitor and will assist you.
Although it is not possible for me to assist you with the details of your case - as I am not a specialist in Austrian Law - I can provide you with information that you require in respect of seeking to obtaining legal assistance.
There are various ways you can obtain some initial free legal advice.
Firstly I would suggest searching solicitors local to you that deal with EU law. You can contact these firms and ask them if they offer a free law clinic or free time with a solicitor for an initial consultation. Although this time may be limited - to say 30 minutes - it will start to give you some idea as to the merit of your case.
Whilst it is very difficult to obtain legal aid following the recent cutbacks - you should also speak to a legal aid solicitor about the possibility of applying to the legal aid agency for exceptional funding. You can also apply yourself - see this link:
There are also Pro Bono barristers that may be able to help you - if the Legal Aid Agency do not provide you with funding. Please see this link:
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