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My son Sam (21years) and his ex girlfriend ( 18years) are expecting

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My son Sam (21years) and his ex girlfriend ( 18years) are expecting a baby. Ashleigh finished with Sam 3 months ago and communication has been limited to say the least. Sam very much wants to be in the babies life as an active father figure. We have had a meeting with Ashleigh and her Mother however we could not really achieve any commit all on the subjects we wanted clarity on. Below are some important questions to Sam that we would like answered and would really appreciate your guidance of you can:-
1. What rights does Sam have today with regards ***** ***** of the unborn child.
2. Birth certificate - does Sam have to be present to be added on to the birth certificate and what happens in the event of Ashleigh registering the baby without Sam's name on the cert. How do we get it changed?
3. Sam very much wants the baby to have his surname. Can Sam insist on this? Currently Ashleigh is saying no.
4. Access, what access to the baby can Sam legally have as his father?
5. Really any other advice you can give us☺️
Many thanks
Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
1. Your son has no rights at all until the baby is born
2. Your son will have to be present - or provide a sworn statement acknowledging paternity - for his name to be on the birth certificate. If the birth is registered without your son being named then he can make an Applictaion to the Court for a Declaration of Parentage which will mean that his name will be added - pr he and the mother can re-register the birth if that is subsequently agreed
3. No I am afraid not
4. The law says that a child is entitled to ocntact with both parents and the courts will enforce this if necessary. To start with little and often works - so ah hour or so three times a week (or more) building up over the months to all day - and eventually to include overnight.
The key is the needs of the child - not of the parents
It would be sensible for the pair of them to try and discuss matters using Family mediation
to agree a Parenting Plan setting out the arrangements that they make.
Your son can get more information on the website
I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you you have been very helpful
You are welcome
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