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I divorced 3 years ago. My ex is re-married and my two

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Hello I divorced 3 years ago. My ex is re-married and my two children live with her and her new husband. I have regular contact with my children and share equal parental responsibility under the law as I understand it. My ex's husband has applied for and
apparently been granted parental responsibility. Should I have been consulted? I don't have a particular issue with this as he does indeed have some responsibility. However, I had a message from him saying that I need to 'go through him' in any discussions
over the children as he is now their 'legal guardian'. I don't like the tone of this message and want to be clear on the family law aspects. Please can you clarify any difference between parental responsibility and a 'legal guardian'. Also, can you clarify
what our respective rights are. Does he have the same rights as me? It doesn't seem right that a step-father should have equal or possibly greater control over my children's lives than me. Regards Owen
Hello Owen
Welcome to Just Answer
I am a Solicitor and will assist you.
You are correct - if you have parental responsibility - then your permission is also required. The form for step parent responsibility requires this information so I do doubt that he has managed to obtain parental responsibility without you knowing about it.
If you had been asked, and you had declined, then they wouldnt have been able to proceed. They would have had to make an application to the court.
I also think they are confusing terminology - if he doesnt have PR then he cannot call himself their legal guardian.
Perhaps ask for a copy - I dont think you will receive this!
Kind Regards
Positive feedback gratefully received
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the response. I will ask for a copy.
Your welcome Owen
Kind Regards
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