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I have been living with my partner years in current

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I have been living with my partner for 24 years in current mortgaged house in Fareham, Hants. My soon to be ex partner ( Alison ) has inherited a house from an old lady she looked after recently in the same road where our house is
Alison wants half of the house we share, so wants to sell it of buy her out, if I buy her out she wants.exactly half of the profit, even though I have been in house 7 years mire than her.
My main question to you is. As we are not married, have lived in same joint mortgaged house for 24 years, yes as Alison is a joint mortgage holder on our property and is legally entitled to a share of the profit of house is sold, am I also entitled to half.of the house Alison has inherited, if so, then the ideal scenario is for take over joint mortgaged house, including the Mortgage, household bills etc, Alison moves into her house Mortgage free.
Fondest Regards
Ian xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi, thanks for your question. I am a qualified family law solicitor.
As you are unmarried, your rights to the property you are cohabiting is depending on any cohabitation agreement you have entered into, or if there is no agreement, then it will depend on how the property is held - so if it is as joint tenants then you hold the property in equal shares and if it is as tenants in common, it will be as registered, so it may be unequal shares. Upon sale of the property the respective shares are to be distributed as per the title. IF you wish to buy her out, it will be in accordance to whatever her share is.
You have stated that she is a joint mortgage holder, but you will need to check if her name is ***** ***** title. It is rare for a joint mortgage holder not to be on the title, but it is the case in some circumstances.
As the second property has been bequeathed to your partner solely, this is her property only and you have no rights to it.
Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.
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