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Please help. The farther of my unborn baby has said he

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Hi, please help.
The farther of my unborn baby has said he want nothing to do with the child. I want to have the baby as this my be my only chance. I am only 3 months pregnant but can I legally have a contract drawn up that gives the farther no right to ever get involved. He has agreed to this already.
Welcome to Just Answer
I am a Solicitor and will assist you.
It is not possible to have an agreement drawn up which would prevent the father from being involved in your childs life.
The best advice that I can give you is to not name the father on the childs birth certificate. This would mean that the father does not hold parental responsibility for the child.
It would be possible for the father to change his mind about being involved in your childs life in the future.
It is the courts view that a child has a right to spend time with both of their parents unless there are no child protection concerns.
If in the future the father decided that he wanted to be involved in your childs life and the time that he sees your child cannot be agreed between you then the father could make an application to court for a child arrangement order to confirm the time he spends with your child and also parental responsibility.
The longer that the father does nothing in respect of being involved in your childs life - the harder it will be for the father. The father would need to show commitment for a court to make an order. The courts considers that it is not in a childs best interest for a father to 'dip in and out' of a childs life when he sees fit.
Whilst I appreciate that this is not necessarily what you want to hear - I do have to be honest.
Kind Regards
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