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A friend of mine is having some issues. the father of

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Hi - a friend of mine is having some issues. the father of her children and she have separated, and recently the father was given custody of the children, which my friend would like to appeal against in due course. Is this something that you can advise upon
Hi, thanks for your question. Yes I can assist with this.
Has a final order been made and if so, was it a child arrangement order for the child to live with the father? What grounds was the order made under and has the mother been granted an order for time to spend with the child?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I don't know the answer to these questions - yet, however I am meeting with the mother's mother tomorrow to get more facts, however at this stage any salient typical questions that you can provide me with I will ask. My outline understanding is that the mother was in an abusive relationship and separated from the father. At some point a social worker got involved and wrote a report which went against the mother. However apparently the report was erroneous and possibly misrepresentative. There was a court case which went against the mother and now the father has the children. I understand that there is a judge's report, but to get that will cost I am told more than £200. As to the fitness of the mother I cannot say as have not met her, but from what I hear there may have been lack of due process and there may be a number of other complaints about the social worker/social services of this particular authority. My understanding is that the mother wants to appeal. However I'm told that legal aid is not open to her for some reason. If you have any thoughts on what I've got to date or any links to due process then please let me know.
You will need to find out:
1. What the proceedings and application to court was (care proceedings or child arrangement order proceedings)
2. When the order was made and if it is a final order
3. What the terms of the order are
Usually if there is a fact-finding hearing the judge will direct for there to be a transcript of the hearing and the decision made.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok many thanks - would it be the order you refer to which would have the £200 charge attached to having a copy of it from the Judge
Yes that is likely to be the transcript fee but it should be split between the parties
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks again - one final query pls - do you know how I should approach ordinarily to request the transcript
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
oh - and would you be available tomorrow if I wanted to ask any more questions, or perhaps better - have a phone call, at about 11:30?
The court may have directed for one to be prepared at the cost of the parties - you will need to check the order
If you send me a further question and address it For Harris, I will deal with tomorrow
Hi, this question remains open. Please rate my response positively if you found it helpful - I will not be credited for answering this question without a positive rating. Thank you!
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