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I have special guardianship granddaughters the mother

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I have special guardianship for 2 granddaughters the mother is threatening to take me to court for the baby The social services gave the mother my address which I asked them not to The children were born in a different city so where I am I can't get social services to help I did ask the child's social worker for a letter to give to housing so I could be moved I have been ignored since November The mother had the police come to my door making alligations Someone who is after her was in a car outside my house I am now fearful for the girls and I and don't know where to turn
Hi, thanks for your question.
Was the special guardianship order made further to care proceedings andbwhennwas the order made? What are the provisions for the mother to see the children?
It is usual for cases where social services were involved and the children move to a ne borough for the file to be handed to the social services and a support plan put in place with the new social services if required.
Have you contacted your areas social services to explain the situation and request assistance and support?
In the event that they absolutely cannot assisy (which will be surprising) you can consider making an application for a non-molestation order against the mother to prevent her coming to your home and surrounding area - this can be done you your local family court under a Form FL401.
Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The children were born in Manchester I'm in Leeds they are classed as an open case which cannot be taken over in Leeds Mother had youngest home from birth on a supervised plan which the baby ended up in foster care for 5months then to me through court she has monthy contact for 2 hours and 4 times a year with oldest but I have allowed her 2 see both when she turns up I did ask social worker for a letter last October concerning a move she told me to txt her a reminder which I did as it's only her number I have but once again I feel I got the other child out the system to be left to deal with things on my own and don't know where to turn
As part of the special guardianship order made by the Court, the local authority should have put in place a special guardianship support plan.
Why has the matter not been transferred to Leeds, given that this is where the children reside Manchester should have transferred it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
According to social services here and there it's out if thier durastriction can't be transferred I foned Leeds social services they said can't help me
As the matter remains with Manchester then they should be offering you the support to deal with this.
Again, if the mother continues to attend the home unannounced and this goes against any agreement or arrangements, then you should consider a non-molestation order application. This is basically an injunction and if she breaches it she will be liable for arrest as it will be a criminal matter.
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