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If a partner causes undue expense through not being open and

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If a partner causes undue expense through not being open and honest with there business partners who have to seek business advice through lawyers and accounts can this be put against partners drawings who caused the expense through lack of cooperation. or is it deemed as a business expense.
Can I refuse to accept accounts I have not been party to accessing in their presentation.
Despite trying and being refused by accountant stating I was not the person who contracted him, despite it being a compny I was a partner in. If this is case who is responsible for payment of this account.
If it goes to court than you can ask the court to make an award of expenses against the other party. If it doesn't then each party would bear their own costs. Strictly speaking it should not be a business expense although in practice such things tend to be put through the business. Personal costs should, however, be debits from the account of the partner concerned.
As a partner in the business you are entitled to reject the accounts.
The accountant is contracted by the business, so the accountant should not be able to say that he is only contracted by one or other of the partners.
I hope this helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry still unsure. I am dyslexic and sometimes processing is hard.
So taking court action out. The account told me he could not give me any information because he was contracted by her.
Can I therefore refuse to accept this as a business expense?
Can you confirm then that this accounting bill is hers?
Expenses for lawyers and additional accountancy brought about by this situation, can I claim business or her.?
Present accountant has been forth coming, but has said as she has put cash drawing against my name that I have rejected from previous and present accounts. He has said because they are cash I cannot prove I didn't get them. she doesn't have to prove I did. Is this correct. also on the week trial is this included? and can I talk to you when its on free trial.
If partners have an argument, the cost of their advisers is a cost against the particular partner and not the business
The accountant should not be debiting your account for money you haven't had. My point is that you don't have to prove you didn't get the money. She has to prove you did.
I assume this is included in a free trial but experts don't have anything to do with the site administration.
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