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Can I use equity from the ex marital home that wife lives in

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Can I use equity from the ex marital home that wife lives in with 2 children, the 3rd child lives with me know after wife drive her out but my partner and I live in a 1 bed social housing with little to no hope of getting two bed for daughter to have a bed and room, I can't afford to keep paying all the joint mortgage and maintenance indefinatley, I've done so for six years and ex created big fuss when I tried to cut back maintenance when daughter came to live with me, I am made to feel guilty although breakdown of marriage was totally no blame, she thinks I should pay all the affore plus pay for clubs clothing and many extras. My now partner contributes to keep children too as I can't do it all. We have children every other weekend and many times in between , what rights do I have
Hi, thanks for your question.
In relation to child maintenance, if you confirm your gross income, ages of the children that live with her and how many other children are in your care I can confirm how much you should be paying in relation to child maintenance.
If you can also confirm your average expenses each month, as well as your ex-wife's income and expenses I can inform you of details regarding the spousal maintenance you are paying her and what would be deemed appropriate.
Given that you are separated, have you considered pursuing a divorce? As part of the divorce you will need to settle the finances either by agreement which is approved by the court or through an application for the court to make an order - in both circumstances the court will consider both of your full financial positions, as well as the children's needs, your needs and your ex-wife's needs and make a decision which is fair for all of you.
Please provide the information requested and I can give you more details.
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