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We have special guardianship over a 17 year old who had a baby

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We have special guardianship over a 17 year old who had a baby 16 months ago. We have found during this time that we have done more for the baby than the mother and the last 5 months the baby has slept in our room and we have had total care. The mother is difficult at times and we are afraid if during an argument she may take the baby to stay somewhere else. Is there anything we can do to safeguard the baby?
Hello Welcome to Just Answer I am a Solicitor and will try and assist you. Please may I ask: - what are your concerns about the mother - is it that she is providing insufficient care?- is there any current involvement with social services? Kind Regards Caroline
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My concerns are that the mother is not providing sufficient care as she expects us to do it. She has a lot of emotional problems and is currently beginning a course through CAMHS, this is because of her childhood. Social services were involved but pulled out as both mother and baby were being supported by us and although a referral was put in by the mental health team it isn't a safeguarding issue for the baby. The mother wants to be a teenager and mother but without responsibility.Kind regards
Dear ***** Thank you for your response. Is the mother actively looking to move out or do you think she will just go on a whim unprepared to anywhere? Kind Regards Caroline
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The mother isn't looking to move at the moment but on occasion has gone in anger and taken baby with her. Although it's just been for a few days she has left baby with the person she was staying with and gone for nights out. She has recently started a new relationship with a young man who I understand has his own place and has become more difficult with family members here but this is the pattern of her behaviour.Kind regards
Hello Linda My aplogies for my delay in responding to yoou. If the mother did plan to move then this could be planned with support to safeguard the baby. If however the mother is acting more erratically and you consider that such episodes are meaning that the child is not being cared for then you do need to report such incidences to social services so that they can investigate. If SS do have concerns and they consider that the mother is able to care then they might ask you to care for the baby whilst they work with mother. Please do not hesitate to ask if I can help further. Kind Regards Caroline
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Caroline,Thank you for your advice, I almost knew the answer but we have been struggling to come to a definite decision because of wanting to support the mother through this but also to keep baby safe.Kind regardsLinda
Hello It sounds like your doing a good job given all the circumstances. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if the situation changes - it may be that you have to take the steps of seeking a child arrangement order for the child to reside with you if things get worse. Let me know if anything develops and I will consider the appropriate action for you. Kind Regards ***** ***** kindly remember to star rate our service so that we receive credit for helping you today. Your question will stay open when you leave positive feedback and I can answer your follow up questions for free.
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