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My soon to be ex-wife is planning to bring her

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Hello,My soon to be ex-wife is planning to bring her mother in the flat, which I have bought and where we currently live with our 2 girls respectively 3 and 4 years old. Currently it is predominantly me an my mother who are looking after the children as my wife is working full time and she leaves at 7:30am and comes back around 7:30 pm. I am also in full time employment, but due to my working hours I am able to attend the kids in the morning, take them to nursery and school and again get engaged with them around 6pm when I am back from work.
My question is if there is a legal way to deny the access of my wife's mother to my flat?
Thank you in advance!
Hi, thank you for your question. Your mother-in-law has no rights to occupy the property unless there is agreement. For more information regarding this issue please could you confirm:-how long you have been married.-what will the living arrangements be when divorce commences?-will either you or ex-wife move out? If so, who will the children live with?-do either of you have any further assets?-how big is the property (bedroom wise)?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear Haris,thank you for the prompt response!
We have been married for just over 5 years.
- The divorce proceedings have already started and we are expecting for the first court hearing date to be announced anytime soon. However, my wife seems to try to complicate things and is playing stubborn refusing to discuss anything outside the court. Therefore I am anticipating that the living arrangements would be decided in court, except if she changes her mind after the initial hearings.
- I have nowhere to move out as obviously I have invested all my funds into this flat (including borrowing from my parents for deposit), I am paying all the bills and the mortgage and would stand my ground that I have been taking the whole financial burden of the family without her help. Therefore I am claiming also to get the children to live with me, as this is going to be in their best interest and with minimum disturbance of their day to day routine.
- I don't have any further assets, but my wife has a property back in Bulgaria, where we both originate from. This property was given to her by her mother against duty for care and support. (sorry about my rusty terminology)
- the flat is a maisonette, comprising of 2 double bedrooms and one small on the second floor, living room and kitchen with small dining space on first floor.
Divorce proceedings do not generally have hearings unless the divorce is defended. Is there a financial relief application or child arrangement order application that the court is also dealing with? Just to confirm, currently it is you, your ex-wife and two daughters living at the property? Your mother lives elsewhere but assists with the children?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The divorce case is filed back in Bulgaria as we were both just Bulgarian citizens at the time of the marriage. Also due to the majority of the proofs being in Bulgarian language and the essence of my wife's behaviour, I chose to do so. I understand that the Bulgarian court may not deal with all the aspects of the assets and child arrangements, but as the children have dual Bulgarian and British citizenship, my wife has assets in Bulgaria and the above mentioned reasons, I have been made to believe that the court would deal to a certain extend beyond the divorce itself. I understand also that my wife is trying to defend the divorce.
Currently in the flat it is me, my wife, two daughters and my mother living.
Thank you for confirming, I am not qualified to deal with Bulgarian law, but would Bulgaria even have jurisdiction to deal with the proceedings if you are both resident in the UK?
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you!
I have been assured that as the marriage has been performed back in Bulgaria under Bulgarian law it is perfectly within the jurisdiction of the Bulgarian court to deal with it and to the extend which covers the rights and the responsibilities of Bulgarian citizens, including their Bulgarian assets.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry for not rating you in time! I was totally swamped by my thoughts! Sincere appologies once again.
No worries, hope it all goes well!