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My grandson's father died on 15th Jan 2016. He made a will

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My grandson's father died on 15th Jan 2016. He made a will shortly before his death via a solicitor and nomnated a friend as executor. My grandson has the executor's name and mobile phone number, but no address. He has contacted the executor by phone on several occasions to find out what the current position is regarding the will but has not received any positive answers. There is a house and car to be disposed of as well as a range of personal items. My son has seen a copy of the will and it states that he is entitled to 40% of the estate, with the wife inheriting 40% and the deceased's sister the other 20%. I have seen the house recently, all the downstairs windows have lace curtains so it is impossible to see inside, but there is no sign of it being on the market for sale. There is no sign of any habitation, and the wife lives in her own property a distance away, but my grandson does not have her address either. My grandson is the child of his father's earlier marriage, and he has had little contact with his fathers most recent spouse.
I have checked via the local Probate Registry (Carmarthen) website that the will has not yet been subjected to Probate.
What can my grandson do to further progress the distribution of the estate?
HiThank you for your questionMy name is ***** ***** I shall do my best to help you.I am afraid that at this stage there is nothing that your grand son can do.It is up to the Executor to deal with the Estate and they have a year within which they need only pay for the funeral and any Inheritance Tax.Of course many Estates are completed within twelve months however only after the "Executor's year" has passed can your son really ask for some explanation of the delay - and indeed claim interest on the amount that he is due.Having said that your son should write in June and simply ask for an update - and again in September - and then if nothing has been resolved in January next year he can take the matter further if need be.I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
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