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Family Law
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Am Gouing through Divorce and being banjaxed on all

Am Gouing through nasty Divorce... Show More
Am Gouing through nasty Divorce and being banjaxed on all angles.
My wife petitioned 19 Feb and unfortunately I did not respond due copious Work, Financial and Emotional traumas.
Have recieved correspondence from court advising documents are deemed to be served on myself and that the petitioner is now at liberty to apply for directions in the undefended list.The petition was placed in a pile of papers to which end was not dealt with and I have called the court who advised to send a letter. I am amiss why no reminders was sent and if it was , why I did not receive it.I have no objection with the divorce but will challenge the reasons of unreasonable behaviour as they are basically false. Good luck there.
However I have attempted to reach an agreement with my spouse but her Solicitor is more intent in requesting everything. I would say that I will never refuse anything to my children nor ever have unless as lesson in self resposibility.
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Hi, thank you for your question. I appreciate that you do not agree with the reasons for unreasonable behaviour, however, if you are not defending the divorce and agree that it should take place I would suggest that you do not pursue this. The court has to decide whether the marriage has broken down irretrievably and if you are not defending the divorce it is likely to agree that it has. Anything you put forward to the court against the statement of case will not really change the court's opinion that the marriage has broken down, and for your information, the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage will not impact any financial settlement, except if there has been financial misconduct.I appreciate that this may not be the answer you would have hoped for, but if you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating. I will not be credited for answering your question without a positive rating. Thank you