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Harris, Family Law Expert
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Family Law - Specialist in Divorce, Financial Relief and Children Matters
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Thankyou advice yesterday - I will not contest

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Hi. thankyou for your advice yesterday - I will not contest no matter how untrue the allegations.
My next question is that my Wife wishes to stay in our home for the next 4 years for the sake of the Children.My Daughter is 19 and has been accepted for Kingston Uni in September and will need financial assistance as she is vulnerable - a direct result of family issues. - and my son who has just turned 15. I pay all bills apart from council Tax and Sky which my wife claims is her only outlet, Due to no real financial assistance and an overwhelming expenditure pattern over the last 10 years I have to pay £1000 per month in mortgage and second mortgage minimum.
This is a four bedroom property so will be very large to manage on their own so I am requesting that it be sold and split 50/50. I must stress that I am a committed Parent and will always ensure both of my Children are safe. I too need to live somewhere and offfer facilities and accommodation to them as we are still very close. I am 54 and ill myself so will have to downgrade my Business soon - once all debts have been paid. I further appreciate that I will have to pay maintainance for the duration.
Is there a way I can put this across to a Court as I have to represent myself due to the financial contraints this is putting on me.
Thank you - unfortunately, as your son is 15 years old (therefore nearing GCSEs) she has good grounds to prevent a sale until he finishes GCSEs, and then for the property to be sold thereafter.
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