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Is claiming a Court Order is "fake" when its not

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Is claiming a Court Order is "fake" when its not contempt of Court?I am a father currently going through a Family Court Case and see my daughter at a child contact centre. There is a court order stating that I am allowed to take my daughter out of the centre for one hour at each session. The maternal grandmother dropped my daughter off at the centre recently. She lied to the contact centre staff and claimed a copy of the court order I showed them was "fake" despite my ex-partner having a copy of this exact same order and thus knowing it is real.The maternal grandmother on the day managed to convince the contact centre staff that the order was fake on the grounds that1. It "doesn't have a seal" and
2. "Its not signed".I tried to explain to explain to the staff that;1. It is a copy and the seal of the court is visible at the top, its just not embossed as its a copy.
2. It isn't signed as it was before Magistrates; I've never had a signed order by Magistrates (just says, in type, "Ordered by Lay Justices"), only judges sign orders as far as I know.Is this contempt of court and is there anything I can do to stop this happening again?

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It is not Contempt of Court - but it does mean that your ex has breached the Court Order and you can go back for an enforcement Order - with the threat of Community Service or a fine for your ex.

I would suggest that you write a polite letter to your ex pointing out that her mother's actions were a breach of the Order and could lead to your ex receiving Community Service of you have to apply to enforce the order

You should also write a polite letter to the Centre Coordinator asking her to ensure that her staff are aware of what a Court Order looks like

Please ask if you need further details

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