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I married 2002 but seperated 2010 because I was falsely

Customer Question

I married 2002 but seperated 2010 because I was falsely accused of raping someone which took til 2013 to clear my name as totally innocent. During this time my wife got a lover . I was removed from the family home by social services due to this untrue accusation meaning my wife got used to having him stay over . This was deeply distressing for me . Once my name was cleared social services persuaded me to find rented accommodation such that my wife and her lover could live together. The marital house is 100% on my name and all my possessions are inside . We have a daughter age 11 who I see all the time . Once social services left us alone my daughter has flourished ( she has autism) and we have always remained good friends me and wife despite the lover who I hate. We have both played the dating field and it is clear to me I should be back with my wife and in my home. The lover is a loser and she has thrown him outings ago. I am currently in a hotel room in Greece Rhodes with my wife and daughter on an amazing holiday now been here 2 weeks . I last night have her 2 of her favorite expensive perfumes and told her she's my wife and she refuses to let me divorce her and I love her and we can buy bigger house and have perfect life. She says she wants to consider her options but she has none . She is 40 and doesn't work and the house is falling apart. Is there any reason I can't just move back in the house unless she tells me she wants a divorce ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you for your question. Just a bit more information required to fully assist you:

-Are there any court orders in place (either in relation to your daughter, the home or domestic abuse?)

-Is there a restraining order by the police?

-Is she still living there with a partner?

-What is the value of the property and outstanding mortgage?

-What other assets, together with values do you both have - either joint or sole?

Expert:  Harris replied 1 year ago.

Hi, this question remains open. Please could you provide the requested information so that I can assist you.