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Im leaving the last 4 years in UK.I came for a better future

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Im leaving the last 4 years in UK.I came for a better future for our family ...this was the plan. Things change as ky ex doeant want to help me in this very hard situation I was here....working 2 jobs and supporting myself and my family back home.In 2 years time I decide to ask for divorce.
I have divorce in progress at Greece.My ex husband live in Greece.I have 3 kids (18,17 and 12).2014 after 2 years when i have ready a house the schools etc i booked the tickets and i wen to bring my kids.
Two of them my son 10 years and my oldeat daughter 15 they came with me and the middle other 14 years she decided to stay back with her father.
When the kids came here the start school college and even if it was hard the rltry a lot with my support always.The father doesnt help them ....just talk regularly by phone with my daughter and try to chamge her mind other daughter in Greece stopped the school and start working.....I try to do everything from here to help her realize how she destroy her life.
The girls was a long time against me and believe that the father is the victim of all this story.
The talk to me without respect.One day after a year my middle daughter decide to come study in uk.But it was just the plan.They played with me for one more time.2 months time and a lot of calls phone from father make both of them to stopped the college of my daughters worked like a cleaner for a month and they booked their ticketa and went back.
My son 12 years now is doing at school great.All his turtors are so hapoy with him ..he have friends my support etc.
I send him for a month summer holiday to see his sister and his father.
2 days before return ticket he text me that he want to stay there because he have good time there.All this brain wash from.his father work one more time to this inoccent boy.
I booked the next fly and almost kidnap my boy and I came back to uk
I dont want to lose one more child!!!!!i want a better future for them!!!!!educate themselves!!!!and he can decide whetever he wants whem the time comes.
I dint have any costudy papers as I never done
Plus financial I very struggle.
I m worry that he is going to do the same and come take the kid.i checked the tezts of my son and i have seen even from his sister texts that they ll come to get him back.
Please !!!!!i need your advice!!!my lowyer in greece suggested me to protect myself and my kid by uk law.
Im thinking to go and report to the police...and to hide the passport that expires at 1th of october 2016.
Please i need to hear something from some professional.
Thank you in advance

Thank you for your question

My name is ***** ***** I shall do my best to help you

Since your son has been living in the UK for the last two years it is for the Uk court to decide which country he should live in.

This is despite the fact that he is Greek and that you have just removed him form Greece to bring him back to the UK.

Accordingly if there is a risk that your ex will try and take hime back to Greece without your agreement you can apply to the court here in the Uk for a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent your son being removed from England and Wales

You can also get help from the charity Reunite

Please ask if you need further help

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