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Family Law
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I currently pay child maintenance for 2 children (different

mothers) one I see regularly... Show More
mothers) one I see regularly and the other not at all. My current wife and I are expecting a child in Feb 17, and I know I will be entitled to a 15% discount. Why is this not more when I have a child at home. Both parents of the two previous children are married and both the mothers and their partners work. I'm sure they earn more than I do, so why do I have to pay so much, and is there a way I can reduce this?
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I am afraid that under the newest rules you will have to pay 16% of 89% of gross income by way of maintenance divided equally between the two mothers.

The reduction in the deduction from 15% to 11% reflects the fact that the payment is of gross not net income.

There is no way of reducing this as the belief that lies underneath it is that you should be partly financially responsible for your children no matter what the financial position of the other parent (or their partner)

I am sorry not to be able to give you better news, please ask if you need further details

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
I understand that, so based on my gross annual salary of 50k, less 7% pension what will my payments be. Can I refuse to pay for holidays and clothes on the basis I pay child maintenance at government rates?

Very roughly £550 a month to be shared between the two mothers.

So long as you make these payments you cannot be forced to pay for anything else

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
I pay 551 at present without a child at home. What about when February comes?

I think you will suffer under the newest rules I am afraid - that was the calculation base don you having a child at home

You can find the precise calculation here