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I have been married since 5th December 2015. Five weeks

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I have been married since 5th December 2015. Five weeks before the wedding date my step dad died very suddenly at 46. I wanted to postpone the wedding but my husband said I would be letting people down and I would lose everything (i.e him). I didn't feel in my right mind but went along as I was in shock and grieving for my step father of 26 years, I felt coerced. I was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Since our marriage my husband has become even more verbally abusive and demanding. Leading to physical abuse just over a week ago. I am currently under the care of a doctor who is fully aware of the marital goings on, and has advised I speak to the Police and a solicitor. I also have been seeing a counsellor, for quite some time, for both my marriage and loss of my step father. I am currently on medication for depression. The marital home is owned outright by my husband, he is a Surveyor, and has high hundreds of thousands in shares and savings. I have three part time jobs and contribute to the running costs of the house by paying for a weekly cleaner and groceries. There are luckily no children. We would have been together nearly five years in January 2017. He has always been physically abusive and cruel but it has gotten worse since our marriage. Please advise what I would be entitled to, if anything. Would it be better to go to a mediator? Many thanks.

Hi, thank you for your question.

Given the short marriage, it would be unlikely that you would have a good case to seek a claim against the majority of his assets, unless they are matrimonial assets. As the property you use as the matrimonial home is in his sole name, and our short marriage, it is likely that this would be the only matrimonial asset and you would have a right to continue occupying the property at least until divorce. You can register your matrimonial home rights on the title of the home using form HR1 with the land registry and your husband will be notified of this. If you are unable to meet your reasonable needs from your income you would be able to seek spousal maintenance from him to meet at least the shortfall.

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