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My husband and I struggled in court for 5 years to gain

Customer Question

My husband and I struggled in court for 5 years to gain residency of his son, my step son. It had been a real awful to see that the system would rather keep children with their siblings even when their mum has continually lied put them at risk neglected them etc sadly social cares their final report said for my step son to stay in his mother care. 12 motnhs social care contacted us to make sure we were still happy for jake to live with us because mum was in a voilent relatonship again and they started proceedings to remove all her kids from her care. That still took a further Two years till it happened september 2014 he came
my husband to live with us from Northamptonshire to luton. January 2017 my husband took his own life. It then transpired that I have no rights and the child arrangement order made in my husbands name for jake to ive her is null and void apparently so i got advise and was going to apply for some sort of guardianship or PR which back then jakes mum agreed with, Mum i have been told now automatically gets PR even though she has never been allowed to have any of her first 4 children to live with her yet and she had another baby 5th child this year who is subject to child protection and two weeks ago corby socail called me to say jake can not go to stay with mum at the moment she has broken the plan been lying to them in a relationship with her babys father and basiclaly all that she did before. Jake has been really affected by his 8 years with mum and i had no support every avenue i tried i was shut down because i do not have PR so i had no option but to give him to his nanny (my mum inlaw) to live. this is awful for him because she hates me and lets him know this all the time. So now i have done that jakes mum has said me my boys jakes half brothers and myfaily are not to see him. As she has PR but is a risk to social can she actually have that rught?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  ukfamilysolicitor replied 9 months ago.


Welcome to Just Answer

I am a Solicitor and will assist you.

I am very sorry to hear about the circumstances of what has happened.

I understand that Jake has lived with you under an order in favour of your husband from September 2014.

Please can you confirm for me:

- How long has Jake been living with your mother?

- Have you yet made an application to court?

- How old is Jake?

- Is mother seeing Jake? How often?

- Are you seeing Jake? How often?

- How old is Jake? Has he said where he wants to live? With you?

Kind regards