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My wife had taking me to court twice and failed to turn up

Customer Question

My wife had taking me to court twice and failed to turn up twice she's now got a witness statement from the next door neighbour who smokes weed and wasn't in at the time when I was escorted off the premises and the stamen that she provided wasn't signed and it was only given to me yesterday when the legal aid for her her only came through the night before because she's put this non-molestation against me I know that I can't get legal aid but I suffer from short-term memory loss I can't read and write very well and I have able bodies but I'm also disabled I suffered from stress depression I've also been in into hospital tried to commit suicide over this I just need to know where I stand and can someone help me because I'm looking at face in to lose everything everything is that my mum left me a ploughed into this house and she my wife is going to take me to the cleaners and it's not on
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

Thank you for your question

My name is Clare

I shall do my best to help you but I need some further information first

Can you explain a little more about your situation please?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Hello I was kicked out by the police told that I don't live there anymore and I was never to come back they took my keys to my house and told me to go I went away about 3 and 4 days of me been told the car go back I tried to commit suicide and ended up in hospital for three days my wife was informed of more of what happened and she never bothered to turn up never bothered to respond I have managed to talk to her but she was adamant that I was never turned back even though we go in the house and she is now claimed it herself all the modifications that I've had done a brand new kitchen the stairs she is turned around told the court that she's had it adapted to suit her needs as she is now going down the sick route she's quit work just to claim legal aid because she has spent all of her inheritance for her dad and like my mum who died she spent my inheritance as well and now neither one of us can afford to divorce each other I could potentially buy her out but if she wants to divorce first which I'm not prepared to do the only reason that she's got this molestation it's because I was within my rights to legally change the locks of the house and that's why she put this molestation against me like I said I've been to court twice she's failed to turn up twice this recent time was this Friday her excuse was she wasn't very well as she didn't have any child care her mum live some mile up the road you can't tell me that Mum won't look after the daughter while she was born she went to court she's completely lied on all levels and and she now has the next door neighbour who smokes weed Who has a grudge against me considering she went to Bulgaria left her dog in the house but not seen her for a week or so and when I called the RSPCA she went mad and now my wife has got her to go as a witness to say that I broke I was trying to break into my house by going through her fence which is a lie she doesn't even stay on how she's met me she's got my birthday wrong she's got a marriage date wrong she can't tell you where we got married what year was got married what day we got married she's just totally lied we were in a BDSM relationship that is how we met she has lied on all levels on her fetishes and what she likes she's had two affairs that I know of and possibly a third maybe more that can't prove and I have screenshot from her profile all the fetishes that she likes and what she's accusing me of is part of her head she is that she likes if you know anything about BDSM it's part and part of the life that you get bruises that you have master slave master sub relationships and their terms conditions they go with these relationships you have contracts and like I say she's lied on all levels she is turnaround said that I've beaten up with a riding crop but I came home one day and done it this is not true if you have to read into the BDSM of the likes and dislikes one of her likes are being beaten with a riding crop it's states on their everything to do with it in two bruises biting scratching hair pulling this is just a few fetishes that she likes that she has done and said that she doesn't like but clearly states on her profile pictures into she also has been hunting for females and males for sexual relationships which I know that she's had a bisexual relationship for 6/7 weeks I know this because her daughter told me so she also lies about not having any money I've been kicked out oh no I'm with no money I've had to supply dog food for the dogs I walk the dogs she's now gone down the medical route and saying that she's disabled but yes she's got certain disabilities but it doesn't stop her from working doesn't stop her going out and having sex doesn't stop her own in a decent crust she's a very smart girl she can earn 10 times what I can earn in a day what I earn in a week she can earn in a day and some but she's pleading poverty she gave up work so she could play the justice system she's next prison officer she says she's scared of me but on one occasion she was pulled into a cell by one of the inmates by hair and she got hold of him and broke his nose and punch him she's really scared of me she's that scared that she let me shave her head if you are scared of me you wouldn't let me touch you she is playing the legal system for a fool he's quite domestic violence the police and everyone's taking her side there is no medical evidence that she's been beaten abused or anything I just feel left out on a limb I don't know where to go what to do but the way you judge Tom and spoke to me on Friday and basically said that you will lose this battle and you will end up paying for court costs why should I pay court costs if she can't be bothered to turn up my evidence was submitted to the court like I was told to do but yet again my evidence has not been heard there's no bother to read it if they want to read then they'll find out that she's a completely liar please would you help me I am here alone I've got everything to lose
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

How long have you been married and when did you separate?

Are there any children involved?

How much is the property worth and how much is outstanding on the mortgage?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
MorningWe've been married since 2012
I was forced out and had my house keys taken by force by the police and was told i don't live here anymore and I'm never to go back even theo i own half the house with my name on the deeds.
Yes their is a child and NO its not mine!!!!.
I've been in her life longer than her real farther he also has a court order against him he has not provided for her all the time i was around. And now I've been forced out she going for child benefit from him and has made herself UNEMPLOYED
their is NO MORGAGE we own 100% she inherited half and I bought the other half of her sister I paid £27,000 for my half and then I've paid in another £30,000 for the improvements ie kitchen stairs electrics plastering woodwork concrete. She had an extension built and paid I think about £8,000 the property when I dad bought it was worth I think it's about 51k to 52k i think. She wanted to be mortgage free by the time she was 40 years old she's now 40 and she's mortgage free and I'm staying in a bedsit
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

How much is the property worth now?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Im not sure as she wont get it valued ive asked her several times to get it done but she is adamant that she is staying and im to walk away with nothing she has made a statment on this non-molestation that I have no family no friends up here in Bolton and that I shouldn't be living I showed an estate agent pictures of the work I've had done on the house just from the pictures he reckons it's worth about £70,000 without going round and seeing he can
only guests as I can't get anyone else in the house and she's made sure that
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

How fat have the divorce proceedings reached>

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
They haven't she has failed to turn up to court 2x I've had to listen her evidents
But no one has read mine!!!.
Ive dates days where when why and how.
She cant remember the day date month and year wh got married!!!! For a smart girl she's not that smart
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.


For clarity

A Divorce petition has been issued - this is different from the non molestation application.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I know but no one is listening to me she is lying on this non-molestation no one will take me on and believe what I'm saying this whole justice system is a load of crap
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

I do understand that but I need to pick it apart - so has a divorce petition actually been issued

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No because I can't afford it and she can't afford it either but presume as she's getting legal aid she would be able to proceed legal proceedings against me
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

Right so as yet there is no divorce

Who is currently living in the matrimonial home?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
No their is no divorce procedures at this time.It's my wife and step daughter in our house as I've been forced out by the police
Expert:  Clare replied 4 months ago.

How old is your step daughter

How much is the property worth and how much is outstanding on the mortgage?