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Apology First and Foremost i want to Apologise For this

Customer Question

First and Foremost i want to Apologise For this situation having to come to court
I've tried to sort this matter in mediation but unfortunately jennifer is being uncooperative
And one thing i would like to make clear is i'm not here to remove from Thomas from his mother but to .. improve this Entire situation as best for what has happened
As my ex is struggling to provide stability in housing i feel its best in my son interest to returns Home with Me where he can have the Stability And consistency and to allow thomas to see me And his mother alongside all of his family
Jennifer has persistently been in harmful relationships and throughout all of her ex’s
She claimed to a abused and treated violently i'm concerned Jennifer will bring the children
Up in a hostile environment. And throughout her past and with me Jennifer is showing
A cycle of neglecting by putting herself first and into a unhealthy relationship and offering No
My Relationship With Jennifer
Approximately Three years ago in Spain i met Jennifer suarez moncho on a dating site called Badoo we had a Drink together in a cafe bar Near her home Home town, and everything went
well, She brought her son jacob and we had a couple drinks together for about an hour, later we exchanged phone numbers and we got to know each other more via Whatsapp,
About 3 months later i lost my job in spain, and had no family support, so i felt i had to Return to the Uk
I explained my situation to jennifer and she said that she was Scared of losing me because she loved me, and she was struggling to cope in spain with her mum, so i agreed to support her by helping her to move to the uk, and offering her to live with me, and offer a more stable home, For about 7 months in the uk i managed to get a job and a house and furnished it,
I kept in close contact with jennifer from the start to the end and i asked if she was ready and she moved over but left jacob behind with her mum,
Me and jennifer built a strong relationships and we adopted our pet layla (Dog) and a couple
Of months later She announced she was Pregnant with Thomas alan woods, and i knew jennifer has had Social Services involved in her past and jennifer told me it was because she didn't have enough support From her family, and she struggled to care with her Learning difficulties and at the time was being harassed by her ex partner (Nick balderstone) in ipswich
Once the Social services became apart of our family we done everything we could possibly do, at the time i was working a night shift as a forklift operator starting at 9:30pm to 6am and we attended all of the family support classes that began early in the morning
I would of had 1 hour and a half of sleep before leaving for the buss, i am very passionate about supporting my son,
Once Thomas alan woods was born on the 18 of july 2016 it was the most incredible moment of my life, i struggled to contain all my emotions and cried along side jennifer
When thomas alan woods was about a month old jennifer would spend up to 12 hours a day
Out with her friend everyday who she met in the incredible years, i felt it was inappropriate for him to him to be out past his bedtime and that i couldn't spend time with him, if i tried to talk to her about it she lost her temper accusing me of not letting her have friends, and i tried
To my best ability to explain it's not that she is out for that length of time but that our son is out for that length of time, but she would persist that i'm not letting her have friends and continued to spend an inappropriate amount of time out, so i informed social services
Social services confronted Jennifer and jennifer lost her temper and argued that was denying her to have friends later once social services left and her friend was calling and jennifer expressed her anger in front of our son by throwing her phone at me and smashing against the wall, she locked herself out of the way to calm down and 1 hour later she walked out
It got late and i was concerned for my sons welfare i called her friend and She told me that jennifer and my son are not going to come home and they're going to live there and i'm not
Going to see my son again, so i called the police and expressed my concerns and
The police have done a welfare check but the police had no serious concerns for my son welfare, The following day jennifer admitted she was wrong and she told me she was struggling with the stress and pressure and that's why she acted out and she didn't know why Her friend was keep calling me abusive,
At the time i felt it was necessary to Donate our pet layla to relieve some of the pressure
And it did work for a little while
We went on more Dates
•Family events (Sea life)
For 2-3 Months everything was working nicely and jennifers mom returned To the uk with
Jacob and on a few occasions Jennifer mom showed concerns that jennifer wouldn't cope
With jacob and thomas alan woods my son on her own whilst i was in work without the support of jennifer's mom, on the 22/03/17 Jennifer and her mum took jacob to the Doctors to register jacob to the (Medical chapel) and the Nurse noticed jacob hasn't received any
Vaccinations and the nurses showed concern as jennifer mum refused all jabs
Jennifer was concerned but not enough to voice her concerns until lauren brighde
The social Services found out, The home conditions did drop. And we struggled for clean clothes and the home wasn't to the best standards of being clean
And it made me feel like i was suffocating in having to do the shopping cooking cleaning
After a 12 hour shift in work. my average day was 18 hours long
I still believe Jennifer deep down is a good girl
She doesn't trust me after everything i have done. I dedicated my life to provide the best living standards. I bought jennifer
3 phones
2 tablets
4K tv
2 laptops
Jennifer ment everythin to me. Shes the mother to my first and only son.
But she still believes that on one friday i went to the pub for 3 pints after work with my friend from work (Jim) she accused me of looking at other girls she tried to locked me out.
The following day we talked it over and jenny lost her temper and smashed the 2rd phone. And walked out on me and thomas
2 hours later she comes home with a new contract phone that she took out on the kids bennifits
And jennyfer stole money out of my account
To get payback for me going out for a couple beers on my last day of work it's been confessed to ashley (family support) worker and louren bridge (social services)
The thefts carried on for 2 months a total of £686.02
We had no money for food electric and rent
My first day back into work i was late because i couldn't find my keys. I spent 15 minutes looking everywhere and only when i was on my break i recived a lot of abusive txt messages from jennys mom accusing me of being violent and abusive i sent louren a msg saying im becoming to the point of not wanting to be in this relationship. I felt like thier was two sides to jennifer
When i returned home it was catastrophic
Cake was smeared all over the sofa
Dirty clothes everywhere
Curtain rail in the living room hanging off
Dirty clothes as high as the fridge in the basket
Jacobs pooey trunks everywhere
Yesterdays tea on the dining table
I immediately get my phone out to record the state of our home on what i have to come home to clean to.
I go upstairs go into our sons room i notice a suitcase and i notice all my babies clothes have disappeared i notices jacobs and jennifer's clothes were also gone. I felt sick into my stomach i hung up and dialed 999
This is what has happened and fortunately
I do have all the evidence to proove all whst i have said.. im looking for some stronge advice
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  ukfamilysolicitor replied 6 months ago.


Welcome to Just Answer

I am a Solicitor and will assist you.

Please may I ask:

- are social services still involved? what is there current involvement level?

- when was it that the mother left with your son? where is she living now?

- how old is your son?

kind regards


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
At the time me and my ex lived in manchester area. And the social Services Graded us on child protection. But becouse we worked together it was reduced to child in needOn the 10th of july my ex ran away with my son to ipswitch 250 miles away the other social services had insufficient evidence to proceed and classed it as a family disputeMy son is 1 year oldMy ex has had 2 children removed from her care from the social services
And she has abbandond her 3rd son in spain for 2 years
I can proove it all
Expert:  ukfamilysolicitor replied 6 months ago.


Thank you for your response.

Please do accept my apologies for my delay in responding to you.

I am so very sorry to hear what you are going through.

I understand that athough your child wa subject to child in need here this hasn't continued in Ipswich? is this correct?

When did you at see your son?

Have you already issued court proceedings?

Has the mother secured housing in Ipswich?

kind regards


Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I dont beleive the social services in ipswitch. Has made much efferts as it
Wasnt long after she moved there before thry closed the caseIve had 2-3 indirect conections, with my son, video call.. but my son was in distress
And they only lasted for 5-10 minI have proccesd court proccedings
And im awaiting for my first hearingNo shes still offering no stability
Shes moving on a regular basis
Between 4 different adressesJennifer has persistently been in harmful relationships and throughout all of her ex’s
She claimed to a abused and treated violently i'm concerned Jennifer will bring the children
Up in a hostile environment. And throughout her past and with me Jennifer is showing
A cycle of neglecting by putting herself first and into a unhealthy relationship and offering No
Stability.This is also provable with it being documented into the social services
Expert:  ukfamilysolicitor replied 6 months ago.


Thank you for your response.

I am sorry for my delay in responding to you.

With the concerns that you have, you are doing the right thing by issuing court proceedings in relation to your son.

Your son needs to have a relationship with you and the court will start with the premise that this should happen as long as there are no child protection concerns.

In relation to your son living with you, the problems that you have are that social services are no longer involved, which is in effect them saying that they do not consider your son to be at risk.

You still need to raise all your concerns about the mothers lack of care, instable housing, unsuitable partners, money management and neglect of her elder children leading to thier removal to the court so that the court can investigate the same. Before your first hearing a Court Childrens and Families Officer (Cafcass) will call you and you can discuss all fo the concerns that you have with them. Cafcass will also speak to the mother and I note that the mother has previously made allegations that you have been violent towards her.

Cafcass will be present at the first hearing and they will make reccomendations about how the case should progress. Given that both you and the mother are raising concerns of a child protection nature then its likely that the court will ask for a report to be undertaken to investigate all those concerns. You need to fully engage with that process.

Once that report has been prepared, the recomendations contained therein will be highly regarded by the court. If the reccomendation is that your son should live with you then you will likely support that report, if thie is not reccomended then you can seek to challenge the report at a final hearing. That report is going to be very influential to the court so its best to make sure that you get across all of the concerns that you have so that everything can be fully investigated.

Let me know if I can assist you further

kind regards


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