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Can my wife stop me entering our famil6 home to see my

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Can my wife stop me entering our famil6 home to see my children?

Do you both own the property?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
the house is ours, we have four kids from 9yrs to 16yrs she has asked for a divorce, she has found and wants to be with some one else. I moved out several months back, it was amicable, but since trying to divide up financial things not so amicable. I have the kids every other weekend. I waa 40 mins early last night to collect but see refused me entry to our family home. Last weekend although not my weekend see asked me to have my boys as our youngest (a daughter bday weekend and wanted to do stuff). So i had the boys, but when i dropped them off she would not allow me to pop upstairs to see my daughter & give her a birthday kiss. My daughter was playing a game in her room. There is no history or bad behaviour or abuse so surprised at her reaction in not letting me. I wanted to know my rights.

Ok. As you both own the house and there are no court orders in place then you are perfectly entitled to enter your property. IN fact you could move back into the property should you so wish. If there had been any issues of domestic abuse within the relationship then she could make an application to the court for an occupation order to prevent you from entering the property but without such an order (and potentially the grounds for such an order) you are entitled to enter the property. I hope that this helps and please rate positive. Thanks

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