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Not married. Been together 7yrs. Have a bussiness together.

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Not married. Been together 7yrs. Have a bussiness together. Split up 7 months ago. She moved out. Took the kids.ive seen the kids every weekend for the last 4 to 5 weeks. Partner stayed aswell. Its not working out. Ive asked to have the kids all week nxt week but she says no,she is dictating to me wen i can see them. What right does a father like me have?she said in the eyes of the court she has more rights than me as she has carried the child and gave birth??please advise me on my legal status on me having the rights to see my childrean.

In fact if you are on the birth certificate then you both have parental responsibility and have equal rights. The best thing if you can not agree things it to make an application to the court for a child arrangement order which will specifically set out the days and time when you can see the children and this is supported by a court order. You could even ask that the children live with you. I have attached a link to a book on amazon which is about a tenner which talks you through the process really easily -

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
HiThanks for the reply. Is there any important information you can give to a single father?ive asked for 50 50 custody. But my partner said that will never happen. Is this correct?

No she is wrong. You both have the same rights and this is key. The book would really help you. Butt he key thing to remember is that you BOTH have PR and this means you have the same RIGHTs.

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