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I have been named as a co-resondent in a divorce petition

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HelloI have been named as a co-resondent in a divorce petition for no practical purpose but just our of anger, I believe. Do I have to send the form back?I have no contact with the respondent. The Petitioner has been in touch with me over the last few months mainly in an abusive way. She also sent letters to all my neighbours!I am paranoid she is just finding new ways to make contact and i need to ensure my response ends the matter.Can you please advise?Kind regardsCharlotte

If you are named then you will have to sign the paperwork to acknowledge safe receipt - but do NOT admit the adultery

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I leave question 5 blank.For question 4 'do I intend to defend the case' I write "NO" correct?What about question 6 - I have written: "I object to paying costs because despite the clear court guidance on the form the petitioner has opted to name me to serve no practical purpose." Is this the right thing to do?She has in fact named me to be vindictive, I am sure. She has put no meaningful contact details for the husband so I don't even know if he knows she has filed for divorce.If I answer as the above is this the end of matter?Thank you

As to your questions:-

Yes leave blank


Correct again.

The court process will still continue until she has divorced him.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Thank you.As for my last question, if I send back the form as agreed above can I be brought back into the matter or is this the end of my involvement?Also, is my D10(2) form public record or am I protected by data protection?

You can potentially be brought in because you claims that there was adultery. Only the decree absolute is a public record. Please rate positive.

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I'll definitely rate you excellent!Last question - does she get a copy of the form that I return?