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I am mother to a 7month old baby girl and split from father

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Hello, I am mother to a 7month old baby girl and split from father before she was born, we arranged contact ourselfs until now, he wants more contact and is threatening to take me to court
He started having her overnight just after Christmas every other week and have been working it up more time each month so that baby gets used to it without it being overwhelming
We discussed about a month ago he would have her every night bring her back at lunch for one month then at dinner for one month and then after dinner from then on
He is now denying agreeding to that and wants to take me to court can you please advise
He also sees her for 2 hours one evening in the week

If the matter goes to court the likelihood (unless you agree something different) is that he would have alternate weekends, maybe a teatime contact in the week and half of holidays. So you may well at present be allowing him more than court. You may wish to consider this. The court process is straight forward (I have attached a link to a very helpful book - Do you have any further questions and please rate positive.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
By weekend do you mean the whole weekend or one day overnight at the weekend

It can mean different things - but it is not unusual for it to be building up (the key is the child's pace) to be from a Friday until a Sunday. Bt in some cases this takes many months (the book would help). Please rate positive for me. Thanks

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
How long does is roughly take for court to sort out this sort of thing? Start to finish?

About three months.

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