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My son is 12 years old his biological father stopped all

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My son is 12 years old his biological father stopped all contact 6 years ago, he has not seen him since.When he was in my son's life it was minimal and very inconsistent which my son remembers.
I have received a solicitor letter from him asking for mediation, after speaking to my son about this he told me he absolutely does not wish to have anything to do with his biological father.Iam wondering if the biological father took me court could my son be forced to see him? My son is excelling in secondary school he is very happy at home with myself and my husband and our daughter, he sees my husband as his Dad he calls him and he has been there since my son was 4.Iam concerned if he chooses to go to court this will have detrimental effect on my son's life especially considering he really does not want anything to do with man who let him down time after time then six years of no contact.
I hope you can help.Thanks Natalie

If he was to make an application to court for contact then the court would consider the wishes and feelings of the child. If your son was basically refusing to have contact then the court would not force him to go. You can not however stop the father from making a court application. There is a very helpful book on Amazon which helps explain the court process for about a tenner which I would recommend

Happy to discuss but please rate positive

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much you have been very helpful.Im not sure if the biological father will take me court, I'm hoping not as I don't want my son upset although I did tell him your response and he just said Mam I will tell any court anytime I do not want any contact.
Would you advise me to get a solicitor now or wait and see if I get a court letter?
I will rate your feed back positive.It really is appreciated.
Also the secretary at the solicitors which the biological father was using spoke to me and I told her that my son wants no contact and he's been let down time after time and has been absent for 6 years, I made it clear that this is my son's descion, she said the solicitor would write to him telling why mediation was refused.Does it automatically go to court or its upto the biological father? Is there anyway I could get a solicitor letter sent to the biological father saying my son wants no contact?
Thank you so much

I would wait until you get a court letter (although the book will really help). It is up to the father whether it goes to court. A local solicitor could very easily write a letter saying that your son does not want contact. I hope that this answers your questions and please rate positive.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much it's really appreciated ��

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