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Can a father just take their child away from the mother.

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Can a father just take their child away from the mother.
Parents split up over 10 years ago. The mother has brought the child up under their care. A home, school and all of the child's friends are in the area where she grew up. The child is 12 and went to their fathers wedding in Italy, not where the father lives, he lives in England. There was no sign of what was to come next, the father has not brought the child back to the care of her mother. The father has taken the child away to live with him. And is now going to go through the courts for custody. But is refusing to let the child see her mother until after the court. The father has also said that they will call the police should the mother come anywhere near the fathers home.
The father has not supported the mother over the years with money he should have been paying. He was seeing the daughter every 2 weeks but even then it may have taken almost the entire day to come and collect the daughter and then brings her back late the next evening, thus causing issues for the mother to get the child to school on the Monday due to being tired.
Does the mother not have any rights over what has happened. Her daughter has basically been kidnaped, taken out of school and to date has no school to go to. The mother is in no position to go through the court. Is there anything the mother can do?

have you made a court application?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
The father has.

You need to do so as well. You need to make an application for a child arrangement order and a specific issue order for the child to come back to you. There is an excellent book on this which explains the process and to help I attach herewith a link -

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