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My son has parental responsibility for his son, however, mum

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my son has parental responsibility for his son, however, mum is not involving him in decisions about school place and holidays. she has booked a 10 day holiday to Mexico, without dads involvement or permission, the holiday covers 4 days of my son's contact time with his son. my son suggested that he would take his child to Eurodisney for 4 days, however, mum has refused permission for this. when he does have contact she is calling and texting repeatedly, this upsets my grandson and if he doesn't answer she will start calling our family and driving around the area looking for them. she has sent a solicitors letter stating she will go to a judge to get permission to go on holiday and charge my son for the cost. my grandson is 4 years old live mainly with his mother, although he is with his father at least 3 days a week including overnight.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
apologies I realise I didn't ask a question - where does my son stand? he is considering as port alert if mum is not willing to agree to holidays.

Ok. On the basis that there is no court order in place then both parents have the same rights. The mother can not and should not remove the child without father's permission for the holiday. He can prevent this from happening by making an application to the court for a prohibited steps order. He may also wish to apply for a child arrangements order to manage who gets the child and when ; and for him to be allowed to take the child abroad. There is a fabulous book on sale on amazon which explains the process and to help I have attached the link - its about a tenner

Happy to discuss and please rate positive.

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
hi thank you for that, there is no order at the moment, and I have ordered the book! I think we will be following your advice regarding a child arrangements order if nothing else it can prevent an escalation of tempers if all concerned are clear on arragements.

The book will help.