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Currently my husband is not agreeing to wait to introduce

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Currently my husband is not agreeing to wait to introduce our young (9 & 7) children to his new partner although they have said they do not want to meet her. If he doesn’t agree to wait and to the proposed plan that’s in the best interest of the children would I have a good case to apply for a court order/residency order?

what are the arrangements with the children at present

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
He left me and the kids in October 17 and has been living with his new partner since Xmas day. He comes every week day morning apart from Friday to take them to school as I go to work early. He comes weeks day evenings for 1-2 hours to put them to bed. Weekends they are with me mostly and he will often just turn up for an hour or so to see them. He hasn’t had them overnight at his parents or sisters much. The evidence suggests that he has lived in with his new partner and her children but maintains contact with our children as he has been advised to. The emotional attachment to them is minimal and in contrast to before. He has been pushing to introduce them to her since Jan although everyone is saying they are not ready. We are going to mediation in a couple of weeks and I have sensebile proposals for his introduction and arrangements should be made. I don’t expect (same as my solicitor) that he will agree to anything as his behaviour has been unstable and erratic. Therefore trying to decide if a court order may be required to protect the children emotionally and myself

The court struggles with the issue of when a new partner can and should meet children. The starting points the welfare of the children but then also the fact that parents have parental responsibility and should be able to make a responsible decision. From what you have said, father is having a lot of contact at the moment. He would not usually get as much as he getting unless you both think it is working. Happy to discuss and please rate for my time.

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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
He is having a lot of access that I’m not happy about but he has refused my suggestions. He however has minimum time with them at the weekend and has only had them over night a few times. My worry is that he will then suggest to have them half the week at his partners as he is living there. I am very clear that it is too soon for the kids to meet her let alone spends time or overnight at her house as they do not want to meet her. It’s a difficult position. As he has left us and the kids are living with me so I have any rights?

The court's key concern is the welfare of the children and as such it will only rarely offer the type of arrangement which he seeks. I agree that you have to be very sensitive to the needs of the children. Please rate positive.

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