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Clare, Family Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practise since 1985 and have specialised in Family Law for the last 10 years
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I have a few more queries on this matter. please can the

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hi I have a few more queries on this matter.please can the following queries be answered for the question which was asked to Claire.1) question 1, my dad signed the cheques to me and my sister on 14.11.2017 he passed away unexpectedly 28th November 2017. the cheques were cashed the 29.11.2017 can my brothers challenge these payments , we went through the bereavement service at the bank to close the account, can they assist or provide a letter to verify the date of the cheques? or is there anything else the bank could assist with?question 2 if my brother challenged my dads decision regarding his money wishes, ie the gifts of £7000 each to me and my sister. before his unexpected death, would legal costs come out of the estate?3) what would my brother need to pursue a case that my father was taken advantage of what documentation from third parties /independent sources would he need? if he wished to pursue this matter?4) my dad wrote two letters, one , signed which said he wanted me to sort out his finances, one unsigned in the same handwriting (obviously) which says that the remainder of the money left after all expenses etc are paid , after his funeral to be distributed to me and my sister. I have not complied with this request as it was not an official will and it is my intention to split the remaining money 4 ways between four children? in law could these letters be used to support my position?5)My brother is asking me to account for cheques written by dad when he was alive to various family members including me and my sister (ours were signed and dated at a later date than other family members), I do not feel I can comment on the amounts and cheques dad gave out, as money gifted is confidential is this right? my brother appears to be aggrieved because my dad never gave him a cheque personally, do I just point out this not my responsibility?

Thank you for contacting us again

1. The bank can in fact provide copies of the cheques themselves

2. His costs would not and he could be ordered to pay your costs

3. Witness evidence from people who knew your father

4.They would be helpful in terms of showing the nature of the relationship between you

5. He is not entitled to these details

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