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Category: Family Law
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I have been going through a divorce for the patpst three

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I have been going through a divorce for the patpst three years! My husband left the house after six months. I was extremely ill and probably had a breakdown. He ha always been a physical bully and harassed my because I stopped himaccess to the house on the advice of the police. He payed my bills but other than a few months I received nothing further other than a few months of paying for food. I was unable to work but only did Supply as my teaching job was given up to enable us to live in France for the benefit of his career.
I consequently lived off an ISA u TIL it ran out and have now been living with my mother for a year. I am living off my teaching pension of 6,500. There is no teaching work to the budget changes so am again using my 20thou pension pay out. I have a one point had to sell my gold jewellery to survive before May pension started. We have got the decree nici which I feel I was advise badly to take and was in capable of making a sensible decision about. My solicitor rarely communicates when I ask her questions! We are waiting for my pension details for the final agreement but should my ex be supporting me as his salary is 70,0000 plus per year and is living in my house. My mother who is 85 is supporting me at present!
Submitted: 19 days ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  MARCUS Malin replied 18 days ago.

Hello, my name is*****

In the face if it your husband should be paying you periodical payments if you can demonstrate a financial 'need'.

If you can prove a 'need' and your husband refuses to pay anything the you can make an application to the court. In the short term the court will ensure that your essential needs are met. More long term it will be your reasonable needs. However to make a claim you have to embark on an application for Financial Remedy which means the court will be wanting to resolve all financial matters between you i.e capital, pensions and income.

The court would expect you to help yourself so you would need in the longer term to provide evidence of the lack of teaching opportunities.

I hope this helps.


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