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I would like to do an occupational order against my ex

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I would like to do an occupational order against my ex partner who is still on same tenancy as myself as we have social services involved and they took him and his 3 kids ( not my biological kids ) away as I also have 2 of my own children here and the relationship turned toxic he made an agreement with social he was not to return with the kids and he has and is now refusing to leave I have depression and anxiety and had a breakdown last year and reports show my successful progress I follow all procedures I am told to by social and he is not please can you help me as I am so unsettled in my home with him here and spend every moment I get in front work stuck in my bedroom with my youngest child due to this . Many thanks Amy fellows

Has he been violent or abusive

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Mental abuse and emotional abuse but not physical but does threaten it at times. As my state of mind with my depression and anxiety is up and down he plays on it trying to get reactions even uses the kids to get to me I have called police and the social to log it all and he was removed once by police due to have a knife and a spanner at the door when my daughter's dad was coming to pick her up after he was call I g her fat and unhealthy ( my daughter is 9 years old ) and she was too scared to stay here

Let me see if I can help. From what you have written then you would be able to apply for an occupation order. You may also want to further protect yourself by also applying for a non molestation order. Often this is also an expectation of social services. I attach herewith a link to the form -

That said, from what you have written it is likely that you would also be able to get legal aid which would ensure that you had representation for the hearing/ court process.

Happy to discuss and please rate 5 stars for my time.

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