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I am a grandmother who has applied to access my 4

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I am a grandmother who has applied to access my 4 grandchildren and Kafcass has not met me only spoken to me on the telephone. Because i cannot lie as i have seen the mother smack and call her children names as well as witnessing a major altercation between her and the eldest child aged 12 years (that's 3 years ago now) I am being told that because I am being derogatory to the mother and do not accept her allegations which were not actually proved in fact, and to not agreeing with the Family courts judgement against my son for abuse I should not see my grandchildren because of my attitude. I have already stgated that i am not a party to what when on between the parents and am only interested in the relationship between me and my 4 grandchildren the youngest two who don't know me because they are to young. I haven't seen my grandchildren for 2 years when the mother said at first i could visit when she was settled. she things my application is a back door way for the children to see their father who only has indirect access. I live 250 miles away and have to travel to Lancashire from Hertfordshire to visit. I am 73 years old and only have a 10 year window of opportunity to get to know my grandchildren. My question is the Cafcass has made a report on my telephone interview and not reported what i said and has skewed it to favor the mother recommending i too can only have indirect access access. I have until Jan 2020 to provide a statement to challenge the Cafcass reporter who has left the organisation but i have no legal representative as i am on Income support. the mother has a barrister all paid for free, what advice can your give and what other avenues can i find to report abuse by the mother and her eldest son who is now 15 years whom I have witnessed phyically and mentally abuse over the last 8 years My grand children are 8.6.4. and 2 years old now.
JA: What steps have you taken? Have you filed any papers in family court?
Customer: It too 2 goes to get the family judge to allow my application and she ordered Cafcass reports which are biased as the reporter has not reported what i actually said to her and left out all references to mothers abuse.
JA: Have you talked to a lawyer about this yet?
Customer: OI have just come back from Preston Family court where my hearing was used my the mothers lawyer to file a molistation order and steps order against the father who was not there.
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I latest concerns is about Calleigh the 6 year old who is being home schooled as she was taken out of her attending school locally. she is the only grand-daughter who has a free spirit and at had a mind of her own. she was the only child to want to see her father and the child in question most likely to thwart her mothers authority as she is snot a complient as the eldest daughter charlotte who is subservient to her mothers wishes. My fear is that her mother is indoctrinating her as she ahs done with her eldest child agaisnst the father as a young child cannot challange the information she is fed. Away from proper school Callieigh is cannot speaki to any teacher about her concerns and the mother is isolating her to brainwasher into complience with mothers fears and phobias as she is a woman who has had mental health issues but says she is all right now.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
I also have issues with the eldest son aged 15 years old now called Connor doyle. He is ADAH and has violent out-busts, cannot abide authority and is a complusive fiber/lier to get what he wants and to avoid owning up to any responsibility. He is a Bully and has abused all his younger siblings since babies. I watched him poke Charoltte when a baby so she would cry out to get the mothers attention. Saw the grin on his face in satisfaction of him manipulating adults. Charlotte is now submissive as she knows she will be got at by her mother or connor. I have seen him punch and prod the girls as they grew and he has exposed himself since he was 4 years old which i witnessed once when he was 12 years when he did not realise i was in the room. Charlotte and Calleigh turned round and said he was being silly and stupid and he said he forgot to do is trousers up. Connor admitted to my son his step-dad who has parental responsibility for him and was his full time carer being university qualified to look after special needs children. Last year his mother took him away from Broadfield Special School in Accrington Lancs who had safeguards in place against his natural father who was a drugs dealer. My son has a copy of the paperform to transfer him to an ordinary school which was not filled in properly omitting the parental guardianship of natural father and step father/court ruling agreed to keep in that school. The family court has ignored the mothers actions and the school at first maintained they had no records but when told they could be sued for breaking the law released the form to show the mothers name only who had authorized the school transfer with no reference to any other source of authority. the school now know they did wrong as there are no safeguards in place when members of the Doyle family can attack the family and my own grandchildren in the firing line. the mother was living with her drug partner for 7 years prior to her marriage to my son and agreed to leave all her former life behind, which clearly she has not as it has been found out since, she has been supplying money from her benefits on a regular basis to her friend who lived opposite while she was in Southport and involved with the drugs syndicate. I only know that when i visited the family in Accrington we always had to go out as a group because of the mothers fears of being attacked. I have also become aware that my son was not given any monies even though his wages from being a child carer were paid into her bank account. The only money he has ever had in 8 years is his disability pension of £35 pounds and what monies i have sent him when he needed funds for the car or house when his wife refused to pay. this is abuse in its own right and my son has since revealed she stabbed him twice in his bad arm (he has a plate in his arm after injury) tried to smother him with a pillow once and he has been hospitalized twice with allergic asthma from house mites and dust. He is now suffering from Stress, anxiety and depression as a result of having his children kidnapped by their mother.

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