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Where do I stand please? Whilst being a supportive sister

Customer Question

Where do I stand please?
Whilst being a supportive sister helping her through the maze of the death of her 19 year old daughter who gave birth to a son 5 days before her death back in 2002, I am now at a point where I believe I was emotionally blackmailed by Birmingham Council through the courts for this child to be placed with me under a "residency order with parental responsibility". Back then I could not imagine the trauma of all concerned including the child who is now 17+. I no longer can support this child as an adolescent and have asked the council to accommodate him. They are very reluctant and no one is on my side that can appreciate how this is affecting my physical and mental health and ability to keep him safe and continue with this order. I am 64 years old and this is taking its toll on me.
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  plclegal replied 13 days ago.

Hello, my name is Peter, I’ve been asked to look at this for you, thank you for your patience.

Please bear in mind as this is an email service and not live chat I may not respond immediately.

You can't be forced to care for a child, of course.

Can you set out the reasons why you feel he is no longer safe in your care?

Expert:  plclegal replied 12 days ago.


Hello - did you receive my reply?

Can I assist you further with your question?

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Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Dear Peter
This child is vulnerable but does not know or think he is. To me he is literally reverting back to his early years of showing attachment difficulties with me and others around him showing signs of neediness (not having his mum and dad), being disrespectful, not being able to link actions to consequences along with not knowing danger and putting himself at risk.He has made friends with possible drug runners and they keep doping him up and send him on the street. He is currently on his third arrest with threats that he owes drugs money and people know where he lives. I have a police crime number for the phone threats made to me that they want their money and would be firebombing my home. It is all too much. I feel very let down by the NHS, The Education Services and the Social Services and I am left to carry all the cans.
Expert:  plclegal replied 11 days ago.

Given the context I am unsure why the local authority are not acting here.

Have you said, in no uncertain terms, that you cannot accommodate him any longer and are asking them to find a placement for him?

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Yes. Their response was they could not find anywhere to put him not seeming to acknowledge the risk their putting me and this child under.
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
Sorry not child, a young person who has special needs and whom the authorities still have a responsibility for his Education & Health Care through their SEND Plan.
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
I suppose I am asking for help to write to the the correct terms of a "no uncertain terms" letter as I they only want to talk on the phone and covering their backs cooperatively. I think they are assuming he will be imprisoned after his court case and then the problem wont be theirs.
Expert:  plclegal replied 11 days ago.

Of course. I can't write the letter for you, but I can help with pointers.

You should reiterate that you absolutely cannot continue to accommodate him as you fear for both your safety and his, and point out their duty to him as a 'looked after' child. You should also raise the option of having no choice but to submit an application for judicial review if they continue to simply ignore both his needs and your clear communication. I hope this assists.


Expert:  plclegal replied 10 days ago.

Can I assist you further with your question?

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