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I am the executor of a will and my solicitor wrote me a

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I am the executor of a will and my solicitor wrote me a letter today, we are at the point of paying any outstanding debt within the estate before we pay any beneficiary's and one of the bits to be paid states " Reimbursement Due to Reassure with a figure of money next to it.
I am unsure what this means? I don't recall this debt can you advise what this would be or what this wording means as the balance next to it is alot of money £2500.00
Hello my name is Leyla and I will try to help you with your question. I would be grateful if you would award me with 5 stars so that I can be credited for my time and not the website.

From the wording you have stated, it appears that there was a debt due at the date of death from the investment company “Reassure”. Perhaps it was an overpayment from a pension that was paid into the deceased’s account after he died? You can of course clarify this with your solicitor or the company directly. But these overpayments are usual when someone dies.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Great thankyou so do you think this will show up somewhere on a bank statement if it's previously been paid in since he passed away? Weve just got the closing bank account balances but I haven't seen them yet nor have I seen any last bank statements so I will question whether or not this is showing up on a bank statement.
It would make sense that it could be an overpayment now you say that because on closing his accounts immediately after death the figure was one thing and then recently there has been a big rise by about 3500.00 and there's no chance interest could be that much, so it could in fact be that pension payment that's sat in there would that make sense? I'll be sure to leave review after your response thankyou.
Yes absolutely it sounds like a pension overpayment which means the deceased happened to pass away before the next payment was due so should show up in the bank statements after the date of death. I’m a probate solicitor and come across overpaid pension payments all the time. Your solicitor should have written to Reassure , submitting the death certificate , before applying for probate to ask for the “state of play” of the account at the date of death ie was there any debts or credits? And they
should have responded in a letter with the amounts.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thankyou so much
Thanks but you have to select the rating on the page
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