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I am going through a bitter Divorce. My wife has threatened

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Hi again, I am going through a bitter Divorce. My wife has threatened 3-4 times through forwarded chat messages that she is going to put a case of " Fraud that I have transferred her money from bank account to 18 yr old Daughter account, that I have stolen her Jewellery".
Basically she is in affair with a guy from London and they are trying to extract everything out of me. She has put a false criminal case then withdrew it by herself, then she has put a Non Molestation order occupation order against me for last 1 month which I am challenging in court in 2 weeks.
Once this bitter situation started, she started withdrawing maximum cash amount from her Debit card. Hence I transferred about £6k from her personal account to my Daughters account online which is safe there and can be divided 50:50 once Divorce finalises. If I had not done that, she would have given all this money to her boyfriend.
Also she is claiming I have stolen her jewellery from house. Infact Jewellery was inside house for a month with my daughter during which I was out of house and she was living with her boyfriend in my house. Then my daughter handed over Jewellery to me and I have deposited to a Bank locker myself. Although I feel there is some jewellery missing in bag which could have stolen by her boyfriend.Can I put a Police case or FIR against my wife that she has stolen jewellery (there is no proof of buying jewellery on either side although there are pictures), that she is trying to threaten and defame me by false allegation about money stealing when money is safe in daughter’s account.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Just to add more details. My wife developed affair with a guy from London, they fabricated a false charge against me of violence, put a criminal case then withdrew it as I could have lost my Job. Then they put Non molestation and occupation order against me which is prevailing, and I am challenging this in court in 2 weeks scheduled time.
During all these, money dried up as I am unable to do job due to stress and because of nature of my job. When this police case happened 2 months ago, my wife started dripping our joint account by Debit card, therefore I moved all money from Joint account and her account as well to our 18 yr old Daughter's account online. She never used to operate her account before that, she even didn’t know passcode of her internet bank ID. However, she is claiming she is going to put another case of Fraud against me.
Once she came to know money has gone out of her account, she terminated online access of her account by bank and changed her Debit/ Credit card. After that, her boyfriend used her Debit card to book train ticket for himself without telling her, there fore Bank charged her overdraft fees. Although I can’t prove this history as its only hearsay from children.
Also, she is claiming I have stolen her Jewellery. Truth is When I came home with Police escort to take my belongings in beginning of restriction order, my children asked about whereabouts of Jewellery on behalf of my wife. I handed over Jewellery to my Daughter in front of Police. Unfortunately, there is no exact receipt or proof of amount of Jewellery on either side. As per my daughter, she kept the Jewellery inside her room under the bed. While I was outside my home due to restriction order, her boyfriend lived in my house for 3 weeks in front of my children. After this my wife went to India to attend a marriage and demanded Jewellery from me, I declined as joint property would be 50/50 after Divorce. Once she left for India, I moved Jewellery to a Bank Locker. However, some Jewellery were missing in bag (as evidenced by old pictures). She is claiming I have stolen her Jewellery but in truth she has stolen few of Jewellery herself or her boyfriend and putting the blame on me by leaving few small Jewellery. Only thing I have done is to put the Jewellery in Bank locker by myself.
She has already put 2 Police charges against me, and she is going to put another charge against me once she returns back from India. I want to put my charge.
I would like to ask you- What are my grounds for putting charges against her given above truthful facts. Can I put charge for threatening behaviour (proxy text messages that she is going to put a police case), Defamation (by way of threatening to put Fraud charge). How can I put and prove to Police that Jewellery has been stolen by my wife or her boyfriend (motive being going to attend Marriage where Jewellery is essential), also avoiding Daughter in all these as she is innocent, and her exams is around. Is there any thing else I am missing here?
Separate from this, is there some thing like Police case for Adultery, considering marriage as institution and adultery being breaking the trust?
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Can I put adultery as crime against my wife to Police or court?

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I will like to wait please

Hello, my name is*****’ve been asked to look at this for you, thank you for your patience.

Please bear in mind as this is an email service and not live chat I may not respond immediately.

I will come back to you shortly with a response.

Having reviewed, I note we have communicated before.

OK - there is no crime of adultery, so can cannot bring a case against her for this.

You can report the threatening behaviour to the police.

If you are going to allege that she has stolen jewellery, you will have to show some credible evidence about this to the police or they won't be able to investigate.

I wouldn't suggest bringing a defamation claim. They are very difficult claims to bring and cost a lot.

Can I clarify anything for you?

plclegal, Barrister
Category: Family Law
Satisfied Customers: 6430
Experience: Barrister at law
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