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Last questions - as I rent in a friends house a room for

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Hi Last questions - as I rent in a friends house a room for £295 will the court grant my wife more as she seeks more money on top of the £858.55 CSA and even though I cannot afford it I said until Mediation is sorted that I would pay £201 on top and still get kids clothes etc..Should I rent some where for more, but this would not allow me to spend on the kids and I don't want them impacted.If I rented I could then buy or am I best waiting court settlement to then buy?There are no signed agreements but I am a man of my word and I did say I would sign the house of to my father in law but never agreed to her brother and sonThe houses are 50/50 split

Kindly give me a minute to review.

Thanks for your patience.


My guidance re the brother in law remains. You may however approach this with her at the mediation. For example, you could say as a condition to you continuing to reside there, your brother will have to move. However, if this were to proceed to court and the court were to order that she is allowed to continue to reside there. You may not at that point have a say in who resides there.


With respect to payments to children and/or her. The payment that would be awarded by the court is means tested. SO the court would look at your expenditures and make a determination as to how much you could afford to pay. In theory, therefore, if you are making payments towards rent, the court will have to take this into account. At this stage you are at mediation, so, you both could agree how much you should pay towards the children. This could be agreed by you both and you could come up with whatever resolution best suits you both, as such, in theory much emphasis does not have to be placed on the financial statement. If however she proceeds to court and you are unable to agree, you may want to consider renting as an option.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Its a bit unclear - would I need to rent before looking to purchase a house after financial settlement through court or mediation conclusion?

rent after mediation. This would give you an indication of what your wife is seeking from you. You may then apply to amend financial statement to reflect additional expenses.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.

You are most welcome

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