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SolicitorRM, Solicitor
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  Director and Principal Solicitor. UK
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I was writing to you about 10 mins. Ago & inadvertently put

Customer Question

Hi Pearl, I was writing to you about 10 mins. Ago & inadvertently put wrong bank details in for trial. I am paying & finding information out on behalf of my son re Samsung monitor 'repair' which has taken months.
JA: What steps have you taken? Have you filed any papers in family court?
Customer: Initially in communication with Samsung repairers who were very obstructive resultin in writing to Samsung Exec. numerous times. Not gone to family court. Have been offered £100.00 as 'good will gesture' but am out of pocket £3,750.00. Is there anything I can do to escalate this.
JA: Family Court normally sits in a local County and Magistrates' Court. Do you know the location of the court? If not, what county do you live in?
Customer: London, Edmonton area BUT why a family Court for this??
JA: Anything else you want the Lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: Who do I escalte this to?
Submitted: 5 days ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.

Hi thank you for your enquiry and patience. Did you contract Samsung for repair and they have failed to repair at all or within reasonable time OR you purchased the good from Samsung and it was damaged and you returned it for them to fix? What have you incurred the £3,750 for - purchase price or repairs?

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
I contacted Samsung as soon as problem started. They have eventually repaired it but not before I escalated to their CEO office. The repair was not completed in reasonable time as took a long time to resolve due to their repairers being obstructive.
The money lost was for my time: telephone calls & having to get other equopment to enable me to do my work within IT
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
I prefer not to call as this has already cost a lot.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.

Hi was it new equipment still under warranty? or you returned it to them as seller or manufacturer?

Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.

Dont worry about the call offer i totally appreciate. I am not going to be as quick responding as this is an email service but I will do my best to respond without too much delay

Customer: replied 5 days ago.
Yes brand new & not fit for purpose - still under warranty. Manufacturer's designated repairer.
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
Are you still there??
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
Am getting a little concerned as over 30 mins since ladt heard from you.
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
I need to go to bed now as work as a nurse so will check tomorrow to ascertain if you have any advice for me tomorrow.
I must admit to currently feeling very sad with response as seems that as I didn't spend more money, you lost interest.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
Thank you for your patience. I don’t respond for the money, I respond to help and I would never encourage you to take a call if I can answer typing. The call offer is automated, I didn’t make it.
Thank you for your hard work during this difficult time, I note your profession, we are indebted to you and your colleagues
I was on a very long call my apologies.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
You have a right under the consumer rights act 2015 to having a repair service delivered within a reasonable time where you choose to repair as opposed to reject a good.
As they have fixed it eventually the damages you can claim are those that are associated with losses incurred solely as a direct result of the trader’s breach. Their nominated repair company is not the one you have a claim against as you have no contract with them. But the trader that sold it to you is the defendant.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
Because you were a consumer as opposed to a commercial client you can’t really claim for your time. You can claim for stress and inconvenience which is a discretionary ground not a guaranteed ground in a breach of contract claim. The delay was excessive so i would like to think god judge would give uku something founder this heading. If you had to take time off for them to pick it up or to go and deliver it then you can work out how much income you lost as a result, if you had to buy or hire a replacement in the interim then yes they will have to reimburse that
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
There are really no escalation rights if you have gone all the way to the CEO. You have to decide if you would like to take legal action as that would be the next step where a trader refuses to honour your claim or is offering a sum that’s a mockery of your claim.
You will have to send them a letter of claim giving them 14 days to pay you the damages you are claiming
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
If they refuse or if at the end of the 14 days they have not responded you can download claim firm N1 and complete it, draft your particulars of claim which are simply details of your claim which you end with a statement of truth and you prepare all the documents you wish to rely on to evidence your claim. This claim package you will copy in triplicate and you send to the county court money claims centre address which is on the claim form N1. You will be required to pay a court fee and the fees are on form X50, the higher the value of the claim the higher the fee. For a claim above £3000 and below £5000 you will pay a fee of £205 which you can enclose as a cheque when you send the claim package to the court
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
The next steps will be advised to you in writing by the court in the Court Directions.
I hope this clarifies the process for you. I would be grateful for your rating at your earliest convenience. All the best
Customer: replied 5 days ago.
Thank you RM, your kind thoughts for us nurses & advice is appreciated. Hopefully now the government has clamped down to reduce contagion we can all keep this virus under more control. Please stay safe & don't compromise your health, we only have one life.
I will contact my son to give him this information.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 5 days ago.
You are welcome and thank you too for wishing me well. I hope your get this sorted and get some compensation. If it’s not too much trouble please kindly rate my assistance by clicking on the stars at the top for JA to acknowledge your feedback and my input.