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Category: Family Law
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I have a court order with my ex who is on drugs to see my

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Hi I have a court order with my ex who is on drugs to see my daughter twice a week supervised by me. The court order siad he was supposed to do some 10 week detox course which he hasn't done and recently he was put in the phycatric ward for a week as he went mad was confused seeing things and stuff. Now he's threatening to take me to court to have our daughter for sleepovers unsupervised. What are his chances of getting her? After all that? He's a danger to her.shes only turned 1 last week

Hello, my name is Marcus.

From how you describe very little chance for a number of reasons.

The court would not go from visiting supervised to staying unsupervised just like that. It would have to be a gradual progression.

So even if the current contact was going well the it would still take time.

If you then add to that the failure to do the course and the hospital admission quite frankly you are going backwards not progressing forward.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
It has been 8 months now the supervised visits. Im worried sick he will get her alone incase he does drugs or has another episode and harms my daughter or something. He comes to the visits and I allow his mom to come aswell she is great with my daughter but he just dosent interact with her or anything he won't feed or change her while he sees her. But that won't stand to me in court as I have no evidence will it? He Will not tell me the truth why he was in hospital he tells me it's from anxiety I think personally it was from drugs.


Please do not underestimate the court. What you say will have relevance and be taken into consideration.

He will certainly have to produce medical records as evidence of his admission to hospital in light of the history.

The court will only order unsupervised contact when they are such there is no risk and as I say it will only then be built up gradually to overnight.

It is a credit to you that you are accepting of his mother.

Sadly the court comes across many resident parents who do not want the other parent to have contact making many excuses.

Therefore keep your concerns brief, factual and to the point. Sometimes parents make so many complaints they lose the effect of the stronger points.

For you it is simply:

- Little interaction and care of your daughter,

- Concerns over his health as evidenced by hospital admission, and

- Failure to complete 10 week course.

There of course maybe more but as I say just lead with relevant points to avoid losing the impact of the above concerns.

Thank you.


Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Oh yes I can imagine. I don't want any drama I want my daughter to have a good relationship with her father and his family that's why I offer his mother to call and also the great grandmother. I don't agree with making excuses against the other parent I just want what's right for my child and her safety is my number 1 priority. Thank you for your help

You are most welcome.

Just stay focused and the key is what is best for your daughter and that is to stay safe.

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