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The question I want to ask is, There is the following order

Customer Question

The question I want to ask is, There is the following order in the court decision on 05.08.2020 The orders stated in the decision were sent to me by e-mail after the warning message I made to the cafcass staff exactly 1.5 months after the date specified. She did not send the school and hospital reports stated in the decision, she says there is no such report. just she respond me general up date, I am still waiting for a letter from my daughter, I have texted the cafcass officer many times. There is still no letter. They give ridiculous reasons each time.
The cafcass officer sent me this message today: your ex, said the girls do not want pictures to be sent and your daughter is sending the letter this week to you...
It is clearly stated in the court decision that my children send their photos to me. but not she do not send.
How can I put an end to this lawlessness, please help.The decisions taken at the court are below.*The Mother shall send to the father upon receipt, school reports and updated medical information and formal records relating to the children. The mother shall also send to the father a general update every three months as to the children’s health, welfare, interests and progress and a photograph of the children. Such communications shall be subject to the children’s views about what is sent to the father. The next such update shall be sent on 16 September 2020.*All parties concerned having consented to a family assistance order being made, a Cafcass officer shall advise, assist and befriend FA, NA and the children until 5 September 2020. The following further directions apply:*all persons to whom this order is addressed shall ensure that the officer is informed of any change of address or contact details (including those of the children) and that the officer is able to visit them.;*all persons to whom this order is addressed shall ensure that the officer is able to see the children;*the officer shall give advice and assistance as regards ***** ***** and improving contact, in particular in (i) assisting Ddddd to write a letter to her father and to support her upon receipt of a letter from the father (ii) assisting in arrangements for the children to receive and if they so wish to respond to the Father’s indirect contact;*if the officer is of the view that any order relating to the living or contact arrangements for the children may need to be altered or discharged, the officer shall report to the court accordingly.
Submitted: 20 days ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Ross Miller replied 20 days ago.

Hello, thank you for choosing our service, I will be the expert assisting you with this matter today.

Please note there may be delays between messages as the experts on this website are all third party and are not on here full time however, I will respond to your question today. I look forward to assisting you.

Thank you

Expert:  Ross Miller replied 20 days ago.

If you feel that the other parent is wilfully and knowingly breaching the court order then you can go back to the court and make an application for contempt of court in this matter. You can also (at the same time) make a complaint to cafcass. The difficulty is that if your daughter's are saying they don't want to do this then you can't really force them. However, this could be due to bigger reasons such as parental alienation by the other parent. This is a serious issue and to be honest something that cafcass should be picking up on but you can express this to them. I would highly suggest going back to court to show that the current order is not working.

I will provide you with a helpful link which will allow your to find a solicitor near you local area who will be able to assist you with this matter.

I hope this information has helped. You can find a local solicitor who deals with this on the law society webpage which is; (Scotland)

If you require any help moving forward on this matter in the future, please do feel free to come back to us and I would be more than happy to assist.

Kindest Regards.