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Can one parent move house, take the children and not

Customer Question

Can one parent move house, take the children and not disclose the new address to the other parent. Both parents have PR.
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 13 days ago.

Good afternoon, welcome to just answer. I am a solicitor and reviewing your question now for you. If the parent is able to ensure that you have your agreed access by making arrangements to bring the children then yes they are able to refuse to give you their address. Any clarification please do not hesitate to send your follow up question. I am glad to helo further. All the best.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
She’s threatening to move with my children, not tell me where and is already denying access, so it would be with the intention of preventing me from seeing them. A court has stated i should have visitation but I agreed with her to sort the fine details outside of court.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 13 days ago.

Hi, thank you for your message. If she is threatening to move away with the children and prevent access then that is a different story you can warn her that you would engage the police as that would amount to abduction of your children. The difficulty when you have a court order and you have other arrangements outside the court order, you will have struggle trying to enforce the order as you would have been complicit in disregarding the order in the first place. Should she deny you visitation then you will have no option but to return to court.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Thank you for your response. The arrangements we made worked for 6-7 months. It was only when her new boyfriend tried to run me off the road in his car (not enough evidence for police to charge) that I refused to attend her property as this guy had a key to her house and the police advised me not to attend. She agreed to mediation but then her mother then attacked my sister (police investigating it as ABH and there’s a witness). As my sister then contacted the police and social services she then denied all access and told me to go through the court.
Expert:  SolicitorRM replied 13 days ago.

Hi, you are welcome. With that background I do not think you will get an amicable agreement out of her. You may just need to make an application to court to vary the current order given the change in circumstances